Wind Turbines – Hungry Beast

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  1. Yes Randy you are 100% right “gut-wrenching”. This needs to get put on every single t.v. station worldwide – day in and day out until everyone sees what is really going to happen around us if anymore of these IWT’s go up……………… We have to stop this now !!

  2. and 900M away from their home….I think Dulittle means to stay “stingy”, when he boasts of Ontario having the “most stringent setback in the world”.

    • Maybe people should remember that some already installed IWTS are 350 & 450 meters from peoples homes. Why was this allowed to begin with? Were all public safety issues related to IWTs just ignored or were people led to believe IWTs are just harmless machines and there was no need to look into public safety issues? Such as proper grounding and lightning issues.

    • Windpower Engineering, Nov.23,2009

      “Guiding 200,000 Amps Safely to Ground”

      The two major goals for the operation of a safe wind turbine system:
      1. Assure that people in the vicinity of the facility are NOT exposed to the dangers of shock.
      2. Provide a means to dissipate electric currents into the earth without exceeding the equipments operating limits/

    • Amp/ampere, a unit of electric current equal to the steady current produced by 1 volt acting through a resistance of 1 ohm.

      Amperage, the strength of an electric current measured in amperes.

      Ohm, a unit of resistance equal to the resistance in a conductor in which 1 volt of potential difference produces a current of 1 ampere.

      Volt, the unit of electromotive force equal to the electromotive forces that will cause a current of 1 ampere to flow through a conductor with a resistance of 1 ohm.

      So amperes measure strength, ohms measure the resistance encountered, and volts measures force.

      Resistance means how much “difficulty” an electric current meets when trying to pass/flow through the soil,water,wire.

      Most homes have ~ 300 amp service now? With 220-240 volts? Please up-date if not correct.

      So 200,000 amps is a lot of electric current.

    • For example, if each wind turbine produces ~200,000 amps and there are 20 IWTs in a wind farm then ~200,000 x 20 = ~ 4 million amps?

      This is a lot of amps that have to be safely grounded in a 20 IWT project.

      Besides having to properly ground IWTs people have to live in IWT project areas where this much amperage is produced. Some IWT projects are smaller than this and others larger.

    • Aside from the IWT issues, rural Ontario will be criss-crossed with thousands of kms of medium voltage transmission lines that will be needed to deliver any electric power poduced by the IWTs.

      Wonder if urban Ontarians would be willing to accept and live with this same situation if it was being imposed upon them?

    • Wind Turbine Safety Issues discussed in this article.


      “Don’t call them windmills”, Feb. 24,2011
      Scroll down to:
      “What does the future hold?”

      “Much of the equipment is manufactured in other countries,which makes it non-compliant with U.S. standards.”

      “Even if local jurisdictions chose to insepct such installlations, it is doubtful they would have the technical experience to adequately enforce applicable codes.”

      Information all who are interested in IWTs should know.

  3. Do you know that the 550m setback is just actually the distance of half-way between 2 country roads. Coincidence? I think not. This makes it impossible for anyone living at the edge of their property, on the next road over to fight the setback. Hmmmmmmm. I am very afraid for our situation here. We are on the opposite side of the road, which puts us in another township and we have very little say is what happens. We will be very directly affected as we are downwind and on the opposite side of the sunset from the tower to be erected. Property values are already affected. I hope our farm will not be like this one in Australia. All of the engineering consultants on this project live south of Highway 7. Why do they get to have such a big say in our lives? McGuinty = McGuilty. This type of forced green energy plan has got to go.

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