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Wind power for me is hanging my laundry out on a line and opening a window to cool my home in the summer time.

I’ve never felt any need to stretch or distort any facts about industrial wind turbines to demonstrate how destructive they are to our rural communities.

In Ontario alone with approximately 700 turbines up and running, almost 30 families have had to leave their home after turbines started up nearby. Countless others are sick; sleep deprived, nauseated, suffer headaches and heart palpitations since turbines roared to life nearby but don’t have the option to walk away or take legal action to get a wind company to pay fair market value for homes they can’t sell.

There are ample credible reports of people who are suffering. These people were fine before turbines started up, many even welcomed them into the community, they became sick with exposure to turbines, they got better when they left home for a period of time and they got sick again when they returned. Serious adverse health issues for families living near wind turbines have been documented and ignored. See and download WindVOiCe. It doesn’t take long.

The wind industry continues to deny there are problems and do not disclose the potential impact to landowners who lease their land out for turbines. These landowners are also exempt from the completely ineffective setback distance of 550 meters and end up with turbines even closer to their homes. Two wind companies are recorded in land registry records as buying out 10 family homes with one more pending (keep in mind, these are the ones I know about, there may be more) This was not done out of some deep kindness or compassion for those who were made ill by their wind turbine installations. People have to pay dearly to take legal action to make this happen. Many other companies just walk away and never address the problem with any meaningful action.

I will add that community owned wind installations strike me as a soft-sell of the same old thing, even though those involved are getting some financial benefit. There is one planned for Melancthon (Shelburne)where 50 turbines will be shoehorned into a very small space, all who have signed, if it follows most other contracts we’ve looked at, will be unable to discuss anything due to confidentiality clauses. The wind corporation will own 51% of the project and the community group will own 49%. There are people who leased their land to turbines and who have become as sick as non participating neighbours. The money does not help them feel better.

There are a number of other problems on top of the health issues. This EBR from the Ministry of Natural Resources was just out last week. It states: EBR Registry Number: 011-3181Title:Permit under section 17 of the Endangered Species Act, 2007 (ESA) to allow Gilead Power Corporation to kill, harm and harass Blanding’s Turtle and Whip-poor-will as well as damage and destroy the habitat of Whip-poor-will for the purpose of the development and operation of Ostrander Point Wind Energy Park in the Township of South Marysburgh, Prince Edward County ” This is also a major bird migratory path on Lake Ontario.

We have Councils who do not want to rush ahead to put turbines up, who want answers about health concerns and who are being threatened with legal action from the wind company. I’ve witnessed IPR DGFSuez, formerly IPC, formerly AIM wind power, publicly threaten my own Grey Highlands council with legal action 3 times now. This is not beneficial to any community nor is it proper consultation. It’s bullying and force.

IPR DGFSuez/IPC/AIM, the same wind developer with a proposal for the Meaford area, is paying Hydro One to change the lines along Grey Road 2 into 44,000kv lines with 45-50 ft hydro poles along the road and in many places where no poles exist now. Trees along Grey 2 and trees in the Kolapore County Forest will be cut down to accommodate this. A living snowfence near Ravenna, trees planted to reduce winter drifting, will be impacted as well. County councilors were surprised to learn that this work being done by Hydro was not routine but that a wind developer was behind it.

I look forward to a change of government in the fall.

Lorrie Gillis – Flesherton, Ontario

8 thoughts on “Reader Offers Thoughts About Wind Turbines

    • Maybe the poeple who are so eager to host IWTs had better start thinking about making their homes into Farady cages to protect themselves against any stray voltage.

  1. Local councils have failed to see the IWT issue as a threat to PUBLIC SAFETY. Public safety issues will hold up in court and are more easliy proven than IWT syndrome is.

    If any part of a wind turbine farm does not meet the highest public safety standards then local councils have the right to deny construction permits.

    Outside independent help would be needed in some cases to detect any safety issues associated with any particular wind development. It’s unlikely that local inspectors have the knowledge to detect any and all safety issues.

    Local inspectors do a fine job on inspecting for example house and barn building construction but are not trained to inspect the construction of “mini electric power systems” which can generate thousands of amps of electricity.

    • Public saftey issues involve equipment,materials, practices,proceedures and workmanship,and etc.

      These must be of the highest quaily and standards to protect future IWT project workers and the general public. Failure to do so could result in future law suits in which any damages would have to be paid for by the local community.

    • Local governments and inspectors have an obligation to protect the local government from future lawsuits.

  2. Bang on Lorrie! How can anyone have faith in our government who is pushing ahead while hurting our families and supporting their developer friends?
    It’s clear who they are looking out for. Certainly not the residents or our wildlife.

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