Samsung’s Hit on Ontario Power Consumers: Counting the Costs

Samsung has still not bothered to comply with our lobbyist registry laws while government passes regulation after regulation in Samsung’s favour.   It appears that Samsung does not yet have any firm power purchase agreements yet.
By Tom Adams –
Typical press coverage of the secret, sole-sourced power deal between the Samsung-led consortium with the McGuinty government for wind and solar power development in Ontario describes the deal using only details in the McGuinty government’s press releases. The details normally set out are that it is a $7 billion deal with “economic development” incentive payments of as much as $437 million. On closer inspection, the deal is actually much larger than the description drawn from McGuinty’s press releases would suggest.  Read the entire article here

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    • Just wondering how many agreements the Government is sitting on in advance of the upcoming election and what they will do with them as indicated in Tom’s article..?

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