Public funds used for wind power lobbying

by Mike Sapiro, HALT – Kincardine News            End Wind Welfare

The Ontario Trillium Foundation is a provincial government agency that was formed to provide grants to the voluntary sector through investments in community based initiatives.

Unfortunately, the current Liberal government of Dalton McGuinty is using the Trillium foundation as a slush fund to promote its own partisan politics.  Millions of dollars in grants have been given to pro-eind groups who are now running advertisements in newspapers across the province including our local papers.

Since issues such as the Green energy Act, Feed In Tariff Program, and Samsung deal will be contentious issues in the upcoming provincial election, these ads are thinly veiled partisan political ads paid for by our tax dollars.

Since 2003, when Dalton McGuinty came to power, groups like the Ontario Sustainable Energy Association, Environmental Defense, Pembina Foundation, Toronto Environmental Alliance, Toronto Renewable Energy Cooperative and other professional pro-industrial wind organizations who have been aggressively defending Ontario’s Green Energy scheme and attacking opposition parties have seen nearly $3.3 Million of our dollars funneled to them by this government.

It is time to tell the Trillium Foundation to return to its mandate of “building healthy and vibrant communities throughout Ontario by strengthening the capacity of the voluntary sector through investments in community-based initiatives.”

Ontarians are sick and tired of our tax dollars wasted by our government.

Wind welfare payments from the Trillium Foundation include:

  • Ontario Sustainable Energy Association ($902,800 since 2003)
  • Toronto Environmental Alliance (OSEA member) ($167,000 since 2003)
  • Toronto Renewable Energy Cooperative ($401,500 since 2003)
  • Environmental Defense and partners ($1,029,500 since 2003)
  • Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment ($268,500 since 2003)
  • Pembina Foundation ($119,900 since 2003)
  • Other pro-wind campaigners ($408,700 since 2003)

In addition The Canadian Energy Efficiency Alliance (CEEA) received a grant of $2.8 million from the Ministry of Finance. CEEA members include Enbridge, Union Gas, Hydro One and Ontario Power Generation.   

It’s time to end “wind welfare” in the Province of Ontario!

It is also time to hold our politicians accountable for their actions and to clean house in Queens Park.

The alternative is to install a pig’s trough to make it easier for our Liberal government to dispense our tax dollars to McGuinty’s corporate welfare buddies.

Mike Sapiro, Huron-Kinloss

10 thoughts on “Public funds used for wind power lobbying

  1. Do your research before making blanket statements!
    All our funding is for transportation initiatives – we do not engage in wind issues. Nor do we promote any one form of generation. Our concern is for the efficient use of energy – period.

    • “CEEA has been lobbying for fuel switching and customer-based generation for the last several years through it’s participation on the Building Code Energy Advisory Council (BCEAC).

      “It is great to see the Ontario Ministry of Energy’s directive parallel CEEA’s objectives. CEEA has been pushing the government to concentrate on energy conservation, greater energy efficiency in codes and standards, fuel switching and customer-based generation for the last several years. It’s a big win for CEEA and all Ontarians.” said Ken Elsey, CEEA’s Executive Director and CEO.”

  2. Mike, how naive you are.

    Do you not realize that for the past couple of decades we have been subsidising our electrical pricing. If the government pulled all subsidies for wind, coal, nuclear and natural gas, our electrical pricing would be out of reach for most people.

    The question is… are you against subsidies or just those to the ones you mention above.

    I like a lot of Mr. Hudaks positions, but his platform on electrical energy is hogwash. You need to either increase electrical production, either through small private ownership (which I support) or high capital government nuclear ownership OR find efficiencies and reduce usage. There are no other options. Which do you choose?

  3. Happy co-incidence? Is that like MTO building new ferry docks “for” Amherst island. Because they would never get the IWT’s over there without? I don’t know about CEEA? (i doubt they have anything to do with it). But that sure sounds like transportation to me?

  4. Checked the CEEA website, and nothing is specifically noted as JUST for transportation????

    As for pulling subsidies, I thought that would mean that industries such as wind would not survive since they cannot compete with things like nuclear and coal. The subsidies are not about keeping electricity rates lower for the consumer as Stephen seems to be saying.

    When utilities are allowed to increase their rates to their customers, that means plain and simply, ratepayers pay more and that is exactly what this McGuinty gov’t has allowed to happen for every LDC and electrical utility in Ontario in the last 2 years.

    As for the reason why these rates have gone up, in large part because Ontario had some of the lowest rates going and the U.S. shareholders felt it was time for Ontario to be on par with our U.S. counterparts. A simple argument which allows shareholders to make more money and to which this McGuinty gov’t never fought back. It’s all about making money people!!!

    To help counter the backlash McGuinty than introduced the 10% clean energy initiative which is basically borrowing money that our children will need to pay in the future, for us to presently feel less of a pinch.

  5. Stephen, Stephen, Stephen. Government subsidies are paid for with taxes. Taxes are collected from you and from me. So we are paying the higher rates for electricity already but they are disguised as subsidies paid out of the huge pot of tax money residing in Toronto. How big is this pot? The government doesn’t care. They just keep dipping into it until they can see the bottom and then they borrow some more or slap on another tax or fee for this or that to replenish the supply. It is time for this to STOP. How about October 2011!

    • The new energy saving bulbs will cost more than is saved on Hydro bills. $50 LED 100 watt bulbs are for rich people. A smuggling market in light bulbs could flourish if Americans still want incandescent bulbs.

  6. Just like we are helping out the wealthy by giving our tax dollars so they can buy a new electric car. Dalton McGuinty has abused our tax dollars. Tax the poor who have to use gasoline and give it to the rich who can afford fueling up on rising electricity prices.
    Completely out of touch with average citizen of Ontario. Totally in sync with the idealist elite.
    I want an electrical system run by experts, I want it streamlined so it is efficient to run and maintain. I want Ontario to be free from Industrial Wind Turbines because they are harmful to people/wildlife, they are land resource hogs, far too expensive to be useful, and won’t cure asthma nor prevent it. They are the biggest symbol of waste this generation has produced.

  7. Why the bulbs ? We don’t have an energy shortage.
    Nor do we have an energy crisis..yet.
    We will with these Liberals in power.

    They lied to us in 2002 , they lkied to us in 2004 , they just keep lying and lying.
    There is nothing you can accept from them as not having a hidden agenda.
    Orwells 1984 may have been written about this Liberal Party..they must be stopped and held accountable.

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