TransAlta outlines noise mitigations

By WES KELLER Freelance Reporter, Orangeville Citizen

Five of the 132 turbines in Transalta’s Melancthon wind farm, the Melancthon EcoPower Centre, are being shut down overnight because of noise complaints, but the remaining 127 are all in compliance with provincial regulations, a TransAlta spokesman has told Amaranth Township Council.  Orangeville Citizen

5 thoughts on “TransAlta outlines noise mitigations

  1. Once again Brian Howe, HGC, working for the wind developer and the MOE, and he is criticizing someone who is trying to protect citizens, I just can’t trust his comments on any of this. Is he the only acoustition that has joined the dark inner circle of developers and government? I understand he got the RFP for low frequeny and infrasound for the MOE. I suspect it will be in favor of the developers, no need to measure it. Sits at the same table as Dr. Colby.

    This is just the start. Admitting a mistake is hard to do, but necessary. Preventing more mistakes is still the best way to manage this industrial wind mess.
    Wind should not be considered much of an industrial source of power. More industrial wind turbines provide us with no additional power and do not save other fuels for another day. How does an industry with such an unreliable product that creates other generators to work less efficient get priority to the grid and premium dollar for its product? It would be cheaper and better for the environment and our pocket books to decommission all IWTs not just shut them down occasionally. The lights would still be on after the IWT cleanup.

    • IWTs will have to be taken down as they are lightning rods even if they are no longer working. They are for the most part the tallest structures in an area so lightning strikes them and in the case of branch lightning one branch can hit the turbine and other branches strike nearby structures or people for that matter.

      Ontario is in the lightning season so caution should be used when near IWTs. Also lightning sometimes develops out ahead of a storm front so there is danger in being near them.

  3. …Whatever… Howe + MOE + Developer = Protecting each other for a common cau$e (hmm..isn’t there a word for that?)

    Imagine how much this firm has been making from the province for their RFP and from the all of the work for the developers they have been working on behalf of for years? Noise study, after noise study, after noise study….no wonder they can’t act responsibly and independently. Their bread has long been buttered and so now they have to participate in trying to confuse the public. Are they taught this in their formal studies? Is their oath now to protect slimy government at all cost?

    Seriously, on what planet would thousands of regular everyday people spend 100% of their time and energy fighting this dragon if there wasn’t something horribly wrong going on?
    We all have better things to be doing than this.

  4. WOW! This is a major milestone for us (!!!) that a wind turbine operator and Brian Howe admit that wind turbines are out of compliance and that shutting them down (at night) is an appropriate response to complaints!

    Though I do not believe that this small gesture alone will eliminate the problems for the folks in this area, this is an admission that the sound models used during development are not accurate! This is not surprising to me, but how many other noise models ought to be reviewed?

    Could this explain the problems of the residents in Norfolk County? Gee, I wish the MOE knew what the heck they were doing.

    Anyone know what’s up with the development of the MOE’s protocol for measuring wind turbine sound to determine compliance?

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