Duncan playing a numbers game

By Matt Ford, The Windsor Star

Dwight Duncan is at it again, selling us his new math.

Finance Minister Duncan claimed on a local talk show that his green energy scheme only accounts for a two per cent rise in electrical rates.

The next question I would ask is why borrow $1 billion in debt dollars to hand out a 10 per cent Clean Energy Benefit if “clean green energy” only accounts for a two per cent rise?

The answer is obvious. Dwight is employing his new math.

Take Jan. 1, 2011. This was just one day that Ontario paid Quebec and the United States to take our excess electricity while, at the same time, we billed Ontario’s businesses and families at rates 75 per cent higher.

Sound like a two per cent cost to you?

Over the next 20 years, this will be standard practice as the Liberals’ commitments to all things green take root.

Solar and wind projects such as the odious Samsung deal and the Fit/Micro Fit will end up costing Ontarians $80 billion in solar and wind welfare payments while electrical rates soar.

Ontario will be awash in cheap power to give away while the Liberals have committed Ontarians pay through the nose for wind and solar.

Think you will escape by conserving?

The problem is made worse. As power demand falls, first priority is given to the most expensive -wind and solar first and nuclear, hydroelectric, coal and natural gas are given away at a loss to other jurisdictions.

Dwight’s two per cent cost is highly unlikely when you are giving away five cent power while charging your own citizens 13 cents a kilowatt hour.

If one factors in the grants to build solar and wind projects, a commitment of first dibs for wind and solar corporations on taxpayers’ pockets, added infrastructure to accommodate wind and solar, the “not so” smart meter program and the job losses that will ensue as companies leave for cheaper resources, we will be begging that Dwight’s new math of two per cent rise would be true.

MATT FORD, Windsor

Energy Rates Need Modification   Windsor Star

When it was first announced that Samsung had signed an agreement with the province of Ontario to provide “green” energy at a hugely inflated rate, I knew right away this was a bad deal.

That said, it would be bad form to back out of the agreement as it is signed not to mention expensive.

It should never have been at the rate the provincial “fiberals” had negotiated and, as soon as possible, contractually, it must be adjusted to realistic rates.

I’m sure our grandchildren and great-grandchildren will not be thanking us for not trying to stop this in its tracks when it first reared its ugly head.

But, the sooner we realize this was rammed down our collective throats by this bunch, the sooner we’ll all realize that we can do something come next provincial election.

Remember, people, the chickens will come home to roost and our electric bills today will look like petty cash compared to what we’ll be looking at when we have to pay the “real” amount McGuinty’s gang has committed us to in the very near future.


9 thoughts on “Duncan playing a numbers game

  1. great article. the fiberals have also downplayed the green eighty million dollar waste of money at windsor casino. it was only to cost a few million for an emergency electric generator but somehow ended up at 80 million and it does not work. more green energy garbage. this generator replaced the original diesel generator that seized up costing ontario hundreds of thousands to repair.
    thank u dalton and dwight.

  2. When Dwight Duncan was the minister of energy, he said, “It would be irresponsible for the province and tax-payers to continue to subsidize electricity consumption, because it jeopardizes our ability to invest in health care and education. This is simply not sustainable, nor is it acceptable. The people of this province deserve better.” (Ontario Hansard, Volume B, November 26, 2003)

  3. Original Liberals Policy Statement

    “The Green Energy Act will add only 1% per year to your hydro bills” (2009)

    It then became a 46% increase…..

    Gee….Dwight…You have ZERO credibility….

    Are you paying attention at all, Dwight ??

  4. The revolt against the Ontario Liberals “War Against Affordable Energy” continues…..

  5. Get the word out to the Golden Horseshoe. We can not afford Liberal math any more. October is coming fast and education of the non rural masses is critical.

  6. This is known as Eco-Nut Math 101.

    Ontario faces nearly the same situation with renewable energy projects as the Los Angeles Colleges’ Systems faced only on a very much larger scale. The taxpayers lost $10 million on that deal and also had to pay off usless contracts. The Ontario situation is going to cost Ontarians tens of millions of dollars to straighten out.

    This is neither a pleasent nor an easy situation for Ontarians to deal with.

    The “fault zone” in the Ontario situation is rural Ontario.

  7. The “Green Shift”

    The only way the “green shift” could be accomplished is/was to create an ARTIFICIAL DEMAND for goods and service that did not exist prior to creating the new demand. This shifted jobs and money away from prior exixting demand.

    An artificial demand for IWTs and solar panels was created becuse there was no demand for them. This was done by creating high fee-in tariffs so lots of money could be made by investing in wind and solar.

    An artificial demand was also created for CFL light bulbs,insulation,windows,etc.

    As the demand for goods and services shifted so to did employment to the new “green” jobs but more jobs were lost than were created. The new jobs in many cases also payed lower wages. This also required re-training workers at considerable cost.

    The “greenshift” is also known as a shift to a low carbon economy. The terms/words used to fool the people are changed as needed.

  8. Every time I see a pic of Dwight I think of pigs feeding at the trough. I only hope the folks in Windsor see beyond the lies. Dwight feeding from the taxpayer money trough. In October maybe its time to butcher and change the herd.

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