Leona Dombrowsky hides from protestors

9 thoughts on “Leona Dombrowsky hides from protestors

  1. Wind turbine projects are unacceptable in any local and to suggest that there are locations, gives credence to a form of electrical generation that has NOT been proven to reduce GHG emissions or pollution, provide reliable generation needed for a modern grid, reduce the use of coal or provide green jobs without atrophying jobs in other sectors.

  2. 550 meters thats a long ways away, you must have gotten tired

    • Steve, what’s it like being a Liberal jerk with your head in the sand?

  3. The 550 metres is symbolic because it represents the ridiculous set backs from people’s homes.

  4. 550 m is the distance at the back and between the two 100 acre land allocations with in a country block. The “blind side road” is a strip of land on which to drive farm vehicles in order to get for one field to another, AND NOTHING MORE. This strip of land is where more of the land owners want the turbines. There is not a lot of rocket science involved in figuring out 550 m.

    • Thanks for the information but which farm gets to use the “blind side road” for the turbines? Or which farm owns the “road” or is this shared or split land?

      Just curious!

  5. Steve, do you get the irony of what you said? You are correct, 550m isn’t that far of a walk, especially when you are walking from your front step to a monstrous industrial wind turbine behind your home, farm or school. That’s the point. Now you REALLY get it….right?

  6. Leona;
    If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. Face up to the facts. Your constituients don’t want wind turbines in Prince Edward County. Your job depends on listening to them and acting on their “support” or lack of it.

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