Many in Grey Highlands opposed to wind turbine development

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I am writing to you regarding Don Crosby’s article: Meeting draws wind farm opponents. Specifically I would like to address the comments made by Mr. Mike Crawley, president of Plateau Wind Inc. an offshoot of IPC, now known as IPR GDF Suez, a multi-national corporation with no ties to Grey Highlands.

Mr. Crawley would have the public believe that only 20-odd people present at the public meeting in Grey Highlands are the only ones who voice their opposition to the project. There is no mention in this article of the numerous other people present who also oppose this project. The council chamber was filled to capacity and overflowing into the vestibule with people who could not get in. Many new voices were heard at this meeting.

Those of us who attend the meetings regularly do so on behalf of those who cannot attend themselves. The clerk read many names of those who could not be present but who sent letters to council regarding their concerns.

Mr. Crawley would also like for you to believe that he and his cronies have spent a lot of time trying to work through our concerns and issues. Their idea of addressing our concerns is to tell that we are wrong or that the people from their existing projects who have issues are just complainers and their issues are all in their heads.

Mr. Crawley mentions a survey they conducted which shows 70% support for wind turbines in the community. A presentation at a council meeting in January 2011 was backed up by the names of over 150 citizens of Grey Highlands who oppose the development. Many more names were added after the presentation was made.

Regarding the road repairs, I made that presentation myself. I submitted photos to council of IPC’s Harrow Wind Project road repairs in the town of Essex. The pictures are clearly dated May 6, 2011 and show the wind turbines in the background. I am very concerned about IPR GDF Suez’ “record of professionalism and reparations of roads”.

The best indicator of future behavior is past behavior. Our community deserves better. The people of Grey Highlands are demanding it.

Virginia Stewart Love, Grey Highlands

3 thoughts on “Many in Grey Highlands opposed to wind turbine development

  1. People have never been fully informed about IWT projects. Only so called good things are presented to the general public.

    Since this is a Holiday weekend and people will be out and about and maybe near any of Ontario’s 800 already installed IWTs they should be aware of lightning dangers associated with them as they are tall structures.


    Presents many photos and diagrams of lightning striking tall objects and the types of lightning involved. So stay safe in threating weather while near IWTs.

  2. Thank you Virginia. The public needs to know the truth behind what is being reported.

  3. Crawley doesn’t quite grasp the the size of the opposition nor it’s determination.

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