Turbines were top of mind in PE County

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8 thoughts on “Turbines were top of mind in PE County

  1. This is the same women that stood up in the legislature and said ‘”legalizing raw milk in Ontario would be tantamount to manslaughter”. (Paxil anyone!)This is when she was Minister of Agriculture. The people we elect no longer think they represent us but push the agenda of their particular party which in turn pushes the wants of Big business and the lobbyist that represent them. That goes for all parties.

    Notice all the releases lately to push green energy from Farmers to Doctors and Nurses supporting “Green Energy” Well, do you remember when 9 out of 10 Doctor’s smoked Camels!!! Need I say more. I am a retired nurse and I do NOT support wind farms.

  2. We need a system/law/penalties where their pensions are at risk
    if they are caught clearly lying to the public such as Dombrosky.
    As long as they have golden 6 year pensions nothing will change .
    She will be laughing at us for years to come sitting on the dock,
    cashing her cheque for the rest of her life.
    And Mcguinty cashing his cheque also , after the turmoil he is
    causing with the green energy act for years to come .
    Long after he is voted out

  3. I see that Leon Dombrowski lives in Tweed. Any turbines planned there, I wonder?

  4. Great to see another 550m protest! Thanks for making the province wide trek.

  5. McGuinty and Smitherman will take jobs in the green (money) machine they created.

  6. If your relatives – astonishing that there are so many in the medical field – are concerned that they are being misrepresented by “these phony wind support groups” as you put it, it is my hope that they will take steps to protect their professions and their reputations by going public. In fact, do do so is necessary in order to protect the public.

  7. The public has to be protected from things like undulant fever and bovine TB.

    But what about biogas generation with the dangers of botulisim that is now coming to light in Germany. Has this been looked into in Ontario with the leftover material that is and will be spread on soil as fertilizer?

    Were these issues looked into before allowing biogas generation? Or is this just another public health issue created by eco-nuts.

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