Proposed expansion of McGuinty’s FIT program

Ka-ching, Ka-ching

by Dan Wrightman

There has recently been a lot of grumbling and controversy with the McGuinty Liberal’s Feed In Tariff program for wind and solar energy. Much has been made over the cost and implementation of this program but before we jump all over Mr. McGuinty’s back I want to suggest that perhaps McGuinty’s program is not a failure and that he could very well be a genius.

In fact I propose that the FIT program for green energy has been so successful in weaning Ontario off non-renewable fossil fuels that the FIT program should now be expanded to a new rain water production program for homeowners and big business.

Why? Well we all know that out of all the water on Earth, only 2.75 percent is fresh water and we could run out some day. The exciting thing is that like wind turbines we only have to look backwards to the past to find the awesome solutions for tomorrow. In the old days people used to collect rainwater from their roofs in cisterns for their own personal use, but now we could just hook up a homeowners downspout to the city water lines or “the water grid” as I like to call it.

Every time it rains the roof runoff would drain into the water lines and the homeowner through a 20 year contract would get paid a tidy sum for all water produced, say 80.5 cents a litre. Meanwhile like the FIT program the homeowner could buy water back from the city for 0.2 cents per litre.

While the price paid out to homeowners may seem exorbitant it is justified because the renewable water industry will at first need government subsidies to compete with the non renewable water industry. In time efficiencies of scale and new technologies will help bring rain water collection prices down and we can consider lowering the FIT rate.

Some people have raised health concerns about dirty rain water being added to the water system but I think they should quit putting their own selfish concerns ahead of the greater good of the rest of Ontario. The ends justify the means and we just have to start somewhere.

It would be unfair if only homeowners could take advantage of a good government program so I recommend allowing big corporations like Samsung to get in on the action. Instead of letting rainwater run off farmland into open ditches, large corporations could divert the rainwater into giant pipelines for say 13.5 cents per litre and pump it off to happy consumers.

When its too rainy and we have a surplus of water we can pay our neighbouring states and provinces millions to take our excess water just like we do now when we produce too much wind energy.

I could go on and on extolling the benefits of FIT for rainwater but I think we all get the idea. This is a wonderful program and the people of Ontario will never get tired of paying infinitely more for it, and we have all this because of the genius of Dalton McGuinty.

Dan Wrightman, Kerwood
May 21, 2011

11 thoughts on “Proposed expansion of McGuinty’s FIT program

  1. Careful Dan
    Some of these Liberals and wind companies will read this and add it to their agenda thinking it will solve the rest of the provinces issues. They are so far in outer space they may. Please Mr. Hudak rescue us from this insanity.

  2. Instead, why not bottle the rain water and sell it to people who live in arid regions of the world. Should bring a good price. Collection trucks could pick up the rain water just like they collect milk for city people.

    100% pure Canadian Rain Water for peoples’ enjoyment. Add some CO2 to give it a little fizz and that will help reduce Canada’s CO2 levels as well.

  3. There are 3 main reasons the earth is facing pressure


    McGuinty will soon regulate how many toilette paper sheets can be used per bathroom visit.
    there will be an new Ontario department set up , with consutlants , regulators and inspectors….and this will lead to a new commodity market and new job opportunities globally

  4. does one do the chat thing… John kindly gave me the go ahead a while back

    • Ernest,

      Just use REPLY. Once the government stars to regulate peoples’ lives there is no end to it!

  5. The water from the roof of our house goes into a cistern and we use it for laundry, showering and such. We buy drinking water, although I do know country folk who drink the water from their cistern. Our huge barn 80X152 feet is fully outfitted with eavestroughs. The water is piped into a huge pond, and this is the source of water for our animals. So it is not just the good old days. I know tons of people who do like we do. It is also not that expensive, so one would not need an artificially inflated price to go this route. “Experts” would have you believe that solar and wind need subsidies to get the industry up and running. Why not use that money to clean up OPG and focus more on energy made from hydro?

    • Provides lots of “soft” water for household use and drinking water for animals.

  6. Be careful. If we all save. Our runoff water niagara falls may stop running then if a Liberal government is in control they will spend billions on a bucket brigade from the ocean

  7. The scary thing is that a large minority of our population plus the majority of our politicans have lost the ability to think critically. There are alot of people out there who think this FIT idea makes sense. By the way the collected rain water is perfect for irrigation. No dissolved salts and great PH.

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