‘All is not well’ with local turbines

Orangeville Citizen

I read Mr. Keller’s article quoting Brian Howe of HGC Engineering and Jason Edworthy of TransAlta Wind with interest.

HGC Engineering is a member of lobby group, Canadian Wind Energy Association and has done work for the wind industry for a number of years.

I find it confusing to hear that HGC, when sent by and paid for by the wind industry to measure noise, claims to almost have compliance to Ministry of Environment noise regulations when the Ministry of Environment says it is unable to measure for compliance itself. I’ve seen the HGC noise reports that some say are well above compliance. If anyone is interested in seeing the actual noise reports put together by HGC please go to www.windconcernsontario.org and look for ” Prepared for Amaranth Township Council”. Draw your own conclusions.

I recall the Lormands telling me that they were explaining disturbing issues they were experiencing since startup of the wind turbines to Mr Howe during one of his earlier visits. Brian Howe told them to save it for their lawyer. Telling someone to save it for their lawyer strikes me as making an assumption on actions to come and I’ve since wondered how many times Mr. Howe had been to other families homes for the same reason and if he made the same recommendation to them.

As it turns out, the wind company now owns the Lormand home, a home the Lormands had believed they would stay in forever until the wind turbines came along.

It would appear that integrity and compassion are not included in credentials and letters strung out behind one’s name.

Jason Edworthy, Trans Alta Wind, also claims all but 5 turbines are in compliance. Again, I ask how the wind company profiting from the wind installation can make this claim when our own provincial government says it can’t monitor the noise.

“Nonetheless, TransAlta has taken this situation seriously and has worked co-operatively with the Ministry of the Environment to investigate the noise complaints in Amaranth and Melancthon. TransAlta has implemented a noise reduced operation system at specific wind turbines during the times when the critical wind conditions exist in an effort to achieve the current sound level limits,” Mr. Howe concludes.

Another more important consideration is if everything is just fine, why are there still people considering walking away from their homes, others who are kept awake by turbine noise at night and others who have to go inside on a nice day because they can’t stand the pressure and noise eminating from the turbines? The mitigation the wind company, the ministry and HGC says they are working on doesn’t seem to be working for a number of people living nearby.

In spite of wind company and engineering company declarations that all is well, many families having difficulty from living near turbines know what is happening to them and they would tell you that all is not well.

Lorrie Gillis
Grey Highlands