161st Meeting of the “Acoustica​l Society of America in Seattle

Presentation Paper by William Palmer: Collecting Data on Wind Turbine Sound

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  1. This presentation deals with the sound/noise wind turbines make but does not deal with what causes the wind turbines to emit these sounds. Is it due to faulty design, faulty equipment,fault parts and etc. or any combination of these?

    Mr Palmer did not have access to the inner workings of the turbines themselves as this is private property. By necessity his work was limited in scope through no fault of his own.

    The affected public have a right to have these questions answered and the situation corrected. These machines,IWTs must be looked at for mechanical causes and/ or design faults to identify the cause/causes of the noise.

    • Windpower Engineering, May 9,2011

      “Trends in cables”
      “At -40 degrees C,cable insulation can become so brittle it will break off and expose conductors.”
      “With sufficient exposure to oil,insulation can swell and flake off,or become brittle and break off,exposing conductors.”

      Wind turbine cables can have many things happen to them which cause safety problems.
      Univ. Illinois, wind turbine gearboxes are a spinoff from marine technology used in shipbuilding
      Windpower Engineering, wind turbine gearboxes taken from railroad use and bearings from a number of other industries.

      So it appears that wind turbine parts can come from mnay different industries and are adapted to wind turbine use and not specificaly designed for wind turbines. Just take parts from here and there and construct wind turbines?

      Maybe it’s time for people to wake up about wind turbine design?

    • U.S.Department Of Energy,”How Wind Turbines Work”

      Scroll down to the diagram of wind turbine parts. Handy diagram/ reference to the working parts of wind turbines.

      Shows all of the mechanical parts of a wind turbine and each and every part for various reasons can cause problems in wind turbine operation.

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