Letter to John Bennet of the Sierra Club

Dear Mr. Bennett,

My name is Lyric Allin, I am 13 years old, and I am very much involved in the protesting of wind turbines. I have been involved for about 3 years now and I think that the turbines do not give the whole truth about what they are doing and why they are doing it. I started to be involved when they set up the proposal for the Bornish land to be developed and industrialised into a windfarm, I still try to stay involved so that way no one has to face suffering in their own homes because they unknowingly agreed to putting a wind turbine in there backyard.

But in some cases, this is not the case; some people have unfortunately just happened to have someone put one up close by. Now I understand that everyone has there own opinion about things that fall in their jurisdiction, but what gets me is that they have never done any studies of any kind to make sure that a wind turbine is safe to be placed in some ones yard.

Now when I first found out about green energy I was really excited about it I thought that all our problems where going to be solved and that this would help the world stay healthy, but when my family looked closer we found out there where a few flaws in this. For starters Flicker, birds and other animals being killed, the sound waves that they give off, people being pushed out of there homes and signing gag notices, and the disruption of the water table.

Now all of this is very important to my family and me and we don’t want to have it happen in this area. So we took action trying to put a stop to the wind turbines and we found out about some pretty upsetting stories. For example, did you know that flicker from the trees and from the wind turbines movement can be a distraction for drivers and that at the center of the turbine is going 6 km per hour but the tips can be going about 50-60 km per hour. Now imagine driving along the road and seeing something like that, it would be very distracting for you would it not?

But some people have to live with this all the time every day well unless they move or sell there houses to the company, but when and if this happens you might have to sign a gag order making it so you can’t talk about your experience.

But that’s not all the sound waves from the wind turbines make people and animals sick, we have learnt about a 5 year old boy that one day said to his mom that it felt like his legs where bleeding and if you have had any children you will know this is not something that a 5 year old boy will say. That lady made a blog to talk about her family’s problems it is, http://www.mywinddiary.blogspot.com/ if you want to read about their problems.

But when someone brings this up they say, “Oh well they are just not use to the sounds coming from the wind turbines, they live in the country and are used to total silence.” But how do people explain whole herds of cattle that have to be put down because they look like they have rabies, well could that be stray voltage disturbing the cattle and other farm animals.

But the really sad thing is that birds and bats are flying around and hit the turbine in mid spin. Why do they do this? Well, it could be because a bird has a flight pattern that they follow so when a building is put up when they are gone then they will run into it because theyare just following the patterns that they have there whole life.

Lastly I would like to talk about how when they put up a wind turbine that they have to put a concrete slab down into the ground and when they do this it is not just going to go away, no for every action there is a reaction and in this case we have to take in consideration of the water table.

So stand up and involve yourself so that we can have health studies before wind turbines and to have safe setbacks to keep all the families safe that live near or around wind turbines.

Lyric Allin, 13 years old

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  1. Lyric: You are a very smart young woman. You said it all. Your family must be so proud to have a daughter who can take a stand with such intelligent knowledge of this subject. Bless you.

  2. When a ten year old can begin to see through the lies and deception of the green energy act…….just leave office now Mr. FaGuinty and Brad Dunoguid. Although you can not vote come Oct 6 Lyric….we will be voting for you!

  3. John Bennet will hopefully take this letter from 13 year old Lyric Allin to heart, since his organization was a prime supporter of the GEA! Perhaps Mr. Bennet can now help remedy this whole situation that he helped to create.

    • These people that support the wind companies rarely remedy any situation they create. For example, when CTV W5 attempted to interview the mayor of Wolfe Island he said no comment rolled his car window up and sped off. Unfortunate but true.

  4. Good letter Lyric!
    If you hadn`t mentioned your age,I`d have assumed you were much older,with more life experiance.You are obviously a very intelligent,caring person,who has done their homework on this subject. Please keep speaking up/out about this, at school,to friends,family at every opportunity.
    Your generation will soon be in charge & with young folk like yourself, I`m confident we`ll be in good hands.

  5. Just to let you guys know how Bennett responded to Lyric (remember, she’s 13 yrs old), he forwarded an article on nuclear reactors in Japan (no personal note, or even a “Dear Lyric”). When she asked him why he sent it, because letter was actually about wind turbines, not nuclear, he wrote her this (he’s such an embarassment to adults):

    “It has everything to do with reactors that was the point. All options to generate electricity have negative implications wind according our research have far fewer than nuclear, coal etc.

    Do you realize air pollution from coal fired power kills thousands people every year.

    As I said on the weekend I will reply to the substance of the email. In the meantime please read our full report.


    John Bennett Executive Director Sierra Club Canada 613 291 6888”

    Way to trash a kid, John. Doesn’t that make you feel a tad scummy? You are so NOT a role model.

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