Millbrook Meeting

PC Candidate Laurie Scott

3 thoughts on “Millbrook Meeting

  1. Your looking at the future MPP of Manvers, Laurie Scott.

    Liberal MPP Rick Johnson has been nothing but a puppet for McGuinty and come Oct 6th, he will certainly pay for not standing up for his constituents.

  2. Exactly Andrew!

    MPP Rick Johnson will not be alone on the sidelines on October 7th…certainly Jeff Leal, MPP for Peterborough Riding, and MPP Lou Rinaldi, MPP Northumberland-Quinte West will also be standing alongside Ricky wondering what happened, and why they won’t be returning to the ‘Pink Palace’.

    We all have to work to ensure that our neighbours know how Ricky, Jeffy and Louie deserted the concerns of their constituents in order to jump whenever Dalton barked.

    We all need to do what we can to help inform and educate our neighbours — and, we need to encourage them to get out and vote!

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