Huron East Against Turbines Opposition Rally

4 thoughts on “Huron East Against Turbines Opposition Rally

  1. The noise from from this video clip is unbearable. Your demonstration is inspiring. 50 Tractors, that must have been a sight to see. Too bad in areas where turbines are already up people seem to have given up on the fight. Neighbours who in private tell me that the noise is disturbing and since the arrival of the turbines are not able to sleep well but in the same breath refuse to file a formal complaint with MOE or the wind developer. WHY????

    • It could be fear. Formal complaints require being able to present in written form what one’s complaints are.Many people do not have the necessary writing skills to write a complaint and don’t want to reveal this to others.

      Perhaps others could help people caught in this kind of situation but it’s a delicate situation as some are afraid to ask for help.

      For example,have people say what their complaints are and write them out for them or provide some hints for them to follow. But keep it simple so all can understand. Listing complaints in a numerical order is a good way to show how to do this.

    • How ironic … there are those that cannot read who are hoodwinked by the Wind Industry into signing leases and gag orders … and there are those that cannot write and are unable or refuse to communicate a formal complaint to the appropriate authorities …

  2. The government takes verbal calls to spills action, letters and emails etc.etc. There is a VALID community based health survey you can access on and you can read some of the comments from the many affected people.
    This voluntary survey was initiated to fill a huge gap because there were large numbers of complaints and the government absolutely refused to adddress them. It was able to at least capture what was happening. And the comments are distressing to say the least.
    The government is well aware of the damage and they are purposely suppressing and denying. Eventually this will collapse. There are many who remain silent. Those who cannot speak need our continued support.
    This lousy Liberal government has done irreperable damage to peoples trust and faith, especially those who reached out for help and were ridiculed and abandoned.
    They will have to answer to this.

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