Ontario Federation of Agriculture refers wind moratorium to task team

OFA general manager Neil Currie advises that OFA does not in fact  support the call for a moratorium at this time. The motion at the April board of directors meeting was referred to a task team which is to provide a preliminary report to the board at it’s June meeting.

by Pat Currie, Better Farming
(excerpt) . . . .”I’m 100 per cent for a moratorium,” said Ontario Federation of Agriculture director Wayne Black, a Huron County grain grower, who says aging residents of heritage family homesteads may be especially vulnerable to noise and vibrations of nearby wind turbines. Some turbines set up before the Green Energy Act established minimum setbacks are almost 200 metres within the current 550-metre setback minimum, he said.    Read the entire article here

9 thoughts on “Ontario Federation of Agriculture refers wind moratorium to task team

  1. The rapid deployment of IWTs in Ontario and a moratorium on IWTs can NOT co-exist. It’s one or the other.

    Besides the health effects of wind turbines can NOT be studied if all the turbines are shut down. There is nothing to study. So at least some or most of the turbines would have to be left running so that comparative studies can be done.

    Then some wind operators would be shut down and other left to operate so the studies can be done. This a hot political potato as to which turbines would be shut down.

    • Another way of doing the IWT health studies is to continue on the with the rapid deployment os IWTs in already designated areas and use a comparison group/groups of people where no wind turbines are be installed as the non-affected/control group/groups. Thes two separate groups of people will form the comparison study groups.

      This fits in perfectly with the statement that no IWT moratoriums are planned at the present time.

  2. “As the Sarnia Observer reports, that means that Brooke-Alvinston has lost the possibility of higher assessment and property tax revenue that existed when the lots were available for possible residential development.

    Even MPP Lambton-Kent-Middlesex Maria Van Bommel, a Liberal, sees a problem.

    While she sees the value in rooftop solar panels in residential areas, Van Bommel says ground-mounted installations have no business in neighbourhoods.

    “It should not be happening in villages and towns,” she says. “There’s got to be a way we can find a regulation that keeps that from happening.””
    This is an article in Todays Farmer describing how property values will never increase in urban areas where ground-mounted solar panels are. Maria Van Bommel states there is a “problem” and is casting about for “solution” for the problem her government created.
    “Lynn welcomes an environment ministry announcement that it was allocating $1.5 million for a study by a task force headed by Dr. Siva Sivoththaman, a University of Waterloo professor of electrical and computer engineering, into health effects of all types of renewable power.
    However, Jonathan Rose, press secretary to Environment Minister John Wilkinson, dashed hopes that the five-year study will be accompanied by a moratorium.

    “We are not considering a moratorium at this time,” he told Better Farming.”
    Again,the Liberal government creating problems and not caring enough to solve them.
    Thanks for the hell of a mess you’ve left Ontario, Dalton McGuinty.

  3. Van bommel comparing apples to salad. Solar panels don’t have LFN , vibrations , resonance , etc. Although they have their own issues she’s turned the table into a BS answer. BTW , proudly traded the electric weed eater with a cost effective and reliable gas powered one. Help keep the mosquitoes down too. Love the smell of 2 strokes burnin. Aaahhhh. Gotta fire it up again. Love to get some goats but they may get sick when the IWTs arrive. Hate to put money on a bad investment !!!!!

  4. Barbara, Maybe you would like to offer to be one of the study subjects by living next to turbines for a while? The people who have been forced into the situation are NOT guinea pigs and do not need to sacrifice their health and well being any more for anyone. And I’m not willing to become a new test subject.

    • I was thinking more along the lines of sending Dr. Siva Sivoththaman into an abandoned house on a sunny day and windy night. Hook him up to a lie detector and ask him how he feels?

      Personally, I know that if I had to live on a property bombarded by shadow flicker and noisy nights I’d get headaches and lose sleep too. A few days of this I’m sure would drive me up the wall and send me to the doc for some meds.

      Why can’t common sense ever play into this? Almost seems that all this crap is just a distraction to keep people from thinking for themselves.

      And what happens after 5 years when we have a study? There’ll probably be 10,000 more of these things littering the landscape and 1,000 more abandoned homes. What if the study concludes, as it should, that they indeed cause health problems? Will the government force a solution to the problem that does not involve millions of dollars to tear them down?

      Who’s going to want to live in rural Ontario if it’s officially “proven” that turbines make you sick? INDUSTRIAL WASTELAND is what it will be looked on as. THEN what happens to property values? What happens to the local economy? Everybody will move away and a certain faction of tyrants get what they’ve wanted all along – YOUR LAND!

      Turbines will make me sick. This I know. So why do we need a study? Who else needs to be convinced that don’t already know this?

      Personally, I think a health study is a waste of time, will bite us in the arse in the end, and may even be a hand dealt for us to play when there’s a stacked deck at the dealer’s seat.

  5. A study commissioned by the Ministry of the Environment–meaning they pay the bills–won’t be worth the paper it’s written on nor the time spent compiling it.
    Universities are the most political places on earth and faculty prefer to stay employed.

  6. One OFA director in oppostion does not mean the OFA as a whole is for a moratorium, right? I think this article is a bit misleading…

  7. Barbara –

    If all the turbines were shut down there would be no need for a health study!

    The ultimate goal is not to get a health study – that is just a step in the process to shut the turbines down.

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