Bluewater council votes for $25,000 annual turbine fee

Stop the carpetbaggers in their tracks

by Ben Forrest, Exeter Times-Advocate

VARNA – Municipality of Bluewater council passed a resolution May 16 to charge wind developers an annual $25,000 fee for each wind turbine erected in the municipality.  The decision, which passed 8-1 in a recorded vote, approved a recommendation from the municipality’s planning committee, which consists of all Bluewater councillors. 

In the May 16 recorded vote, Mayor Bill Dowson and councillors Tyler Hessel, Dave Roy, John Gillespie, George Irvin, Janisse Zimmerman, Kay Wise and Geordie Palmer supported the $25,000 annual fee.  Hay East Coun. John Becker was the only member to vote against the fee. Deputy Mayor Paul Klopp declared a conflict of interest on the matter and did not participate in the vote.   Read the entire article here

6 thoughts on “Bluewater council votes for $25,000 annual turbine fee

  1. Fee is to be placed on the landowner or the developer?

    $25,000 x 20 = $500,000 per turbine over 20 years . Not enough some will say to compensate for the damages that will be done to the community.

  2. No amount will ever compensate the community. The turbines have not yet been built here and already the community is irreversibly damaged. No $$$ can ever replace health, close neighbourly relations, or the peace, tranquility and beauty of our community.

  3. I am not sure why Coun. John Becker would try to equate the value of the land leases with the value of the economic losses that the remainder of the Municipality would incur due to the construction of an industrial wind turbine zone. The leaseholders made their deal and now the Council intends to make their own.

  4. If it’s meant as a deterrent, why stop at $25,000? This paltry amount makes it look like the Municipality simply wants to get in on the action.

  5. whats wrong with everyone ?there is nothing, i mean nothing good about wind turbines,just simply STOP any installations. all mayors & council members should go down together to queens park and demand that their democratic rights be restored. that little Hilter should not be allowed to dicate to the local goverments

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