Home Values vs. Wind Turbines

Mike McMurray

by Travis Pedwell, www.bayshorebroadcasting.ca

 Wind Turbines are having a serious effect on house values in Grey County and would do the same in Huron County.

This from Grey County realtor Mike McMurray at the Community Forum on Wind Development in Goderich held on Monday.  McMurray tells Bayshore Broadcasting News it’s hard to put a value on house depreciation but says it can bring down a home’s value by 25 to 40 per cent.  He says the depreciation stays at 25 to 40 per cent as far as two miles away from the house.  Listen to interview here

2 thoughts on “Home Values vs. Wind Turbines

  1. IWTS “on marginal property” is quite a key phrase in this wind farm and property value discussion. And Mike McMurray has a lot of real estate experience. Can’t make it in farming so get into the IWT business.

  2. A lot of people won’t live in the vicinity of an Industrial Wind Farm regardless of the depreciated value….not even for free….

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