Horwath won’t commit to local veto on wind projects

By Antonella Artuso, Toronto Sun
TORONTO – An Andrea Horwath government would give Ontarians a greater voice in wind turbines located in their community.

Currently, the provincial government, and not the local municipality, has final say in the location of a wind farm although project proponents must agree to consultations with the community.

“The question I have is why the government thinks the ends should justify the means on this stuff,” Horwath said. “Certainly, we need to be proactive and we need to encourage communities to be host communities for the wind farms.

“Having said that, I think communities deserve the respect of having some kind of participation, some kind of voice, some kind of opportunity to have a say,” she said.

Horwath wouldn’t commit to a local veto on projects, saying she will unveil her full position on energy renewables in her campaign platform launching at the end of the month.

However, she said wind projects should provide benefits to their communities.

The Ontario NDP would involve the public power generator, Ontario Power Generation, in the expansion of wind power, she said.

OPG is not permitted to pursue investment in non-hydro-electric renewable generation projects without the provincial government’s permission.

10 thoughts on “Horwath won’t commit to local veto on wind projects

  1. So, there’s not much doubt as to which party to vote for in the fall election. Having said that, has Hudak made his position quite clear, or is his position somewhere in the middle of the “for or against” debate?

  2. Read between the lines, NDP will figure out another way to put up turbines in communities. Besides how can we forget what the NDP did to Ontario when they were in power …….the conservatives are the clear choice to stop IWT’s.

  3. That’s a rather repugnant obfuscation.

    Communities already have a say – it’s ignored. Nobody wants ‘a say’ or “some kind of participation, some kind of voice” – people want some control.

    I have no doubt that the NDP will attack the Liberals as too passive on green energy – I suspect offshore wind development will be a major platform plank. They have stuck with an energy critic seemingly poisoned by the York school of power policy, and now complete the caviar socialist approach by basically saying we think turbines should be put in poorer areas we can throw some money at to assuage our conscience.
    It’s the wind ghetto approach.
    It’s the issue in the courts in California re: cap-and-trade
    It’s solar panels in rich neighbourhoods and IWT’s, and gas generation, in poor ones.
    It’s wrong.

    • Scott, you nailed it.

      Wind Ghetto In Rural Areas = Collateral Damage = Citizens In Priviliged Neighbourhoods Getting All Gooey About Feel-Good “Green” Initiatives

      The official NDP position on IWTs is now out there for everyone to see.

      Vote accordingly.

  4. “need to encourage communities to host communities for wind farms” Ok I’m out. Does she even realize what a wind farm is. Turbines mingling with peoples homes, ruining their quality of life. NDP is not an option for me.

    • Add to that Horwath’s comment that
      projects should provide benefits to
      the community. What benefits?
      Financial!!! Andrea, not everyone
      can be bought.

  5. Ah yes — Clueless in Hamilton — the new Progressive Movie.

    I am sure that she has lots of bright eyed young aids running around with the Latest Suzuki Sea Lice Bible — but no information whatsoever on power generation and transmission.

    I wonder if she realizes that we have excess generation capacity and insufficient transmission capacity???? That was a rhetorical question. vtw.

  6. “We need to encourage communities to be host communities for the wind farms.”


    We the communities need to run the wind industry out of every community. The wind industry is an insidious cancer.

  7. I had contacted Horwarth a year or so ago .
    Her stance is that all energy production creates health issues , and she is NOT against IWTs…so she is toast

  8. I disagree we should NOT encourage host communities.
    We should not have FOR PROFIT ENERGY..it must be publically funded.
    It is a necessary utility..we cannot allow prift in here

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