The New Environmentalism

2 thoughts on “The New Environmentalism

  1. Looks great!

    The next time anyone goes to a “public meeting/ open house” and they (ITW Co) ask for all your details, make sure they give all their HOME addresses and Tel No’s and Email adresses. Without, I will not give mine. And that goes for every single person in the building that is ‘temporary”staff….well, they all are eh!

    Kick Ass!!!!!!!!!

  2. More of “The New Environmentalism” — this one had me in stitches of laughter…–10-steps-to-an-eco-friendly-kitchen

    Talk about a high energy lifestyle — all brought to you by The Red Star…

    For example:

    3. Nuke ‘em

    Using sponges to wash dishes and countertops is fine, but you must make sure you wash them correctly. Throwing them in your dishwasher is not the most efficient method, as germs and harmful bacteria can actually spread to your dishes. You can kill these nasty little things by placing sponges in the microwave for about 90 seconds. Do it once a day and your sponges will be clean and odour free.

    Yeah baby — be EC (Environmentally Conscious)…

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