Dr. Scott Petrie- Potential Impact of Wind Turbine Development on Waterfowl

5 thoughts on “Dr. Scott Petrie- Potential Impact of Wind Turbine Development on Waterfowl

  1. Scott’s presentation is absolutely packed with stuff people should know about. At last a biologist who looks at the whole picture and is not afraid to admit his mistakes.
    Hammering on the overall importance of the agriculture lands for feeding which links with the shoreline wetlands for roosting; suddenly, setbacks of 120m don’t look so hot.
    Going further, he demonstrates how the lines of turbines, first in the lake, then successive ones on shore present multiple “Maginot lines” to migrating birds – like trench warfare. This is an important point as land based turbines are equally disruptive to migration – “displacement” is the term. Throw up enough barriers and at some point the birds will not be able to deal with it. So, what is the “biological justification”, asks Mr.Petrie, and where are the “cumulative studies”? One might also ask the same questions for the humans (animals too) are being displaced.
    Most interesting was where his funding is coming from – NOT from the companies, that’s for sure. Government? – only 10%. Fully 90% comes from hunting organizations. Well no wonder, there has always been a a sense of unease in that group; and, despite the ourdated streotype, the fish and game people are very conservation minded – much more so than the Sierra Club for example.
    FYI, the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters has ~ 100,000 members. That’s a lot of allies.
    If Scott is scheduled for a presentation in your area, GO, and see him.

  2. I really can’t understand why The Sierra Club and other such organizations continue to ignore this science. Why is it ok to kill, harrass and displace birds if it is done with an industrial wind turbine? They don’t (nor does anybody) like when the tar sands destroy ducks – so why the double standard?

    Scott’s maps show that basically all the waterfowl use areas in the lower Great Lakes Region, also just so happen to be the high wind areas…hence these important areas are, or are going to be, smothered with IWT’s. Imagine if we put a coal plant in every important birding area….then we’d hear about it.

    We don’t have the studies complete. Worse then that – the studies that have been done have had little to no funding from the government or other ‘conservation’ orgs. WHY NOT? How can we even HAVE regulations if we don’t have anything to base them on? Shouldn’t the government be concerned and want to avoid such an obvious disaaster? Perhaps use of the precautionary prinicpal on this aspect makes sense too?

  3. This Liberal government, cares not about the environment, or it`s citizens health,physical, mental or financial. Their one & only concern, is getting re-elected, to pad their own nests.
    Now the premiers wifes`union buds (cathlic teachers union) are asking their members to take paid (by us!!) time off teaching in sept.to campaign for Liberals(maybe 1 or 2 NDP)! That is outragous!!!
    Dr.Pettries`presentation was very informative and should be heard/seen by all. Especially those in favor of IWTs.
    Teachers might just reconsider their allegiance to McGuilty,if they have a conscience.
    Same goes with Johns presentation at the Empire Club.

  4. At the heart of Scott’s presentation is the barrier/displacement effect of the double gauntlet of 400-foot-high turbines both onshore and offshore in the lower Great Lakes including Lake St Clair. Skip to the 26-minute mark on that video and you’ll see the gauntlets on the Canadian side with a glimpse at the New York offshore gauntlet as well. If Big Wind plans steamroll through on both sides of the border, migrating wildlife — and for that matter, all onshore and offshore wildlife — will be royally screwed.

    For more on the subject, please read http://windconcernsontario.wordpress.com/2009/12/02/location-location-location-migration-migration-migration-2/

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