Mississauga power plant permit has residents steaming

by San Grewal, Toronto Star

 Some Mississauga residents are furious to hear a building permit has been issued to construct a gas-fired power plant in an environmentally sensitive area.  The 280-megawatt plant is to be built at the Toronto-Mississauga line on a site that backs onto Etobicoke Creek, just west of the Sherway Gardens mall.

“I was shocked when I heard the permit was issued,” said Dr. Boyd Upper, a resident who has fought the project for years. Residents had thought the plan was dead because nothing had happened since 2007, when Eastern Power Ltd. won the right to build it in an Ontario Municipal Board ruling that went against the city.  “There was no activity for years,” Upper said. “Residents assumed the project went away.”  Read the entire article here

25 thoughts on “Mississauga power plant permit has residents steaming

  1. Nothing goes away with this government. Welcome to rural Ontario, you people in the city ignore the cries from people in rural Ontario. Now you are finding out what this Liberal Government is all about.

  2. When the Oakville plant was canceled the Minister of Energy, Brad Duguid, said it wasn’t needed. “Not only will this plant not be built in the GTA, it will not be built anywhere in the province.” said Duguid. Was he lying then or lying now?

    On Saturday while driving through the GTA to Parry Sound, you could see the brown pollution hanging over Toronto. They can’t blame the coal plants, because they weren’t running. Toronto’s problem is Toronto’s problem.

    The DSS Coal Cost Benefit Analysis stated that if they replaced the existing coal plants with gas plants (placed in the GTA) without increasing the use of nuclear, pollution would increase in the GTA.

  3. This is where we can make a mistake.
    You can’t divide rural and urban.
    The real battle is not alternate electricity production but…for profit business
    We could lower electricity demand by 100% subsidies for all of us to adopt alternate electricity..solar or geothermal.
    Before people balk at this ..smart meters 2.5 Billion to handle unreliable electricity production And who knows what the samsung deal really costs..2 billion ?..not to mention the long term cheating us all paying 84 to 54 cents a kilowatt for electricity…..the money should be used for us to benefit us..
    To lower our costs…….

  4. Grant , I believe there is a gas plant propsed for around the Holland Marsh area???…They could put one within reasonable distance from me if it meant no IWTs in Ontario. We live near the Bruce as it is.

  5. More votes!!

    If they removed the sulphur from the Gas/Petrol/Diesal as they do in Europe, that might make a surprising difference.

    any link to ITW’s to the gas company installing (their back up generation?)

    • We do have the sulphur removed from gasoline and diesel, although it’s not 100%. Imperial Oil claims that its process removes 90% of it to bring it to an average of 30 ppm.

  6. Grant,
    Thats interesting,because Mercedes Benz said they could not import their latest efficient engine to North America due to high amounts of Sulphur contained in gas here (maybe they where refering to the USA?)

  7. Toronto has a lot of truck traffic and the fumes & particulates from diesel fuel in the air are not pleasant.

    High vehicle traffic also “wears” the particles off from asphalt pavement into the air. So causes air particulates to increase.

    These are problems of large urban areas like Toronto and if there isn’t enough wind to blow this away it just accumulates over cities.

    • The same applies to cement pavement as it wears off the particles enter the air over urban areas. Tires are another souce as they wear down.

      Wind turbines and solar panels will NOT stop these urban smog particulate problems.

  8. City people need to know that the more wind turbines that go up, the more gas plants we need. The likely location of any new gas plants will be near the cities.

  9. So it seems to me,this could be good news for our cause, stopping IWTs.
    The city folk can see, it`s not only we country folk who are getting screwed by the lying Liberals & their GEA. Their environment, is also being destroyed, behind their backs, as it were. They can see now that Liberals can`t be trusted.
    This is all to accomadate IWTs. How many more gas plants are secretly in the works?
    And where will they put them? Whose lives will be ruined next?
    It would be so much better,cheaper,less damaging all around, to clean up coal, expand hydro & nuclear.
    But maybe that`s too easy. What Idiots.

  10. I’m not mad either way. Thanks for all the usefull info. We owe you guys either way!

    • Sorry I screwed up this post. It was supposed to be a quote on the mods post. AND there’s to many eithers!;)

  11. Okay here’s my plan , I am going to take hydro you pay for with your taxes , because it is costing you too much , or so I claim , then hand hydro to business and they will charge for producing it and I promise it will be cheaper because there will be competition.
    Si I will pick a producer that I can con you with to think it’s a good idea..alternate energy …
    So I have suckered you in giving up a nonprofit utility and giving this opportunity to business to turn a profit.
    But in order to get these people interested I pass the GEA , hire media to scam you , and offer 84-54 cents for what I can get for 7 cents

  12. As taken from their website “Eastern Power is active in the biogas, biomass, wind and high efficiency natural gas areas of power production.” Since gas generation is needed to accommodate the erratic production of IWTs this company appears to be in the business of creating a demand for its product. Gas plants will be paid for power produced and not produced (when IWTs produce their sporadic power) so what a way to make money since the gas plants will be on standby and paid for the full amount of power needed whether or not they produce any.

  13. Gas fired electrical power plants are NOT required to “back wind” in Ontario. We have excess capacity and will do so for the foreseeable future. This has been presented so often here with numbers to back it that I do not feel compelled to prove it again. Perhaps in 10 years or so…. In the meantime IESO IGNORES wind power when scheduling generator capacity/availability. The wind power is simply not required.

    The issue of Gas Plants near urban centers is a misrepresented issue.

    Ontario has issue with the transmissions system. It does require updating and addition of additional lines to move the generation capacity that does exist to where it is needed.

    However, without the transmission line improvements, gas plants are required — as they can be placed closer to the source of the power load (draw, requirement).

    So here is the deal. People can quit objecting to nearby power plants, or they can quit objecting to nearby transmission lines. If people continue to object to both, they had best lay in a supply of whale oil for their lanterns, and some additional candles. Alternatively you could install your own solar and be content with power at noon hour.

    I vote for applying some sense to the situation.

    Urbanites, accept new transmission lines or nearby power plants. Your choice. Alternatively, learn to live without a reliable source of energy and buy heavy winter clothes suitable for indoor use, and remove your air conditioners. Whatever decision you make — please do not expect your rural cousins to accept wind turbines, nor should you expect them to accept the cost of (lossy) underground transmission to protect your views when you are perfectly willing to inflict other eyesores upon them.

    You pays your money and takes your choice.

    • David,

      at the moment you are correct. But 10 years is not a long time and if the Liberal government gets it’s way you’ll see 10,000MW of wind with priority generation. I’ve been supplying the grid for 30 years now. Consider the variability of wind, the amount proposed and the type of generator you’d need to match it. Check out the following articles:




    • Don:

      “at the moment you are correct.”

      Yes, exactly.

      I am very much aware of those issues you raised — which you would realize — if you have read my two papers/articles.

      The point I am making is that for now, we have a clear choice: Additional transmission capacity, or additional generation capacity close to the point of requirement. I do know how to read a spec sheet and an operations manual for the Gas Turbine Generators.

      The urbanites can’t have it both ways…. Forcing IWT’s on the ruralites is already leading to civil unrest. If city dwellers want power, then accept the generation stations and forget the IWTS, or, accept transmission corridors through their neighborhoods.

      Let’s keep it simple. Don’t ask others to bear your costs — social, monetary, health-wise or otherwise.

      Is that more clear?

      As I recall I was one of the first to point out to the government that installing faster cycle up Single Cycle (Stage) Gas Turbines was pointless — unless you really were going to use them as “wind followers” — otherwise get the extra 10% (or better) efficiency provided by CCGT generators (multi-stage). Better still, for minumum cost, stick with scrubbed coal to remove the particulate matter and NOX compounds.

      Again. You pays your money — you takes your choice.

      Too many people are confusing policy decisions and technical decisions — feeling that they are made in the same breath.

  14. The IWTs need a fast peaking power source and gas power plants fit that bill. Not all capacity can react fast enough to the flights of wind.

  15. If any proof is needed that new gas power plants serve only one function, i.e. to back up wind- and solar power, go to the website of CAPE ( Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment ), of all places. A document entitled “Nurses, Doctors, Release new Coal Death Statistics ” ( April 20th 2010) states ( par. 4 ) “OFFICIAL ENERGY AGENCY FORECASTS SHOW THAT, EVEN WITHOUT THE COAL PLANTS, ONTARIO HAS 27% MORE ELECTRICITY CAPACITY THAN IT WILL NEED IN 2014 “. This is probably the only time I have found CAPE’s information useful.

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