Liberals ‘blowing’ our money away

By Ron Andrucko, The Windsor Star

I’m all for creating jobs, but the cost that the Liberal government is not telling us is what scares me. The C.D. Howe Institute says, “It will cost each household $310 a year.”

The report goes on to say that if we were to go with natural gas-fired generation, Ontario will pay $1.5 billion more for subsidized wind, solar or biomass electricity.  Holland and Germany are already dismantling wind power plants.

When you read in the media the critics for Tim Hudak’s proposal to dismantle the agreement with Samsung, I’d say he has very good reasons.  Instead of “blowing” our money away, he has a very constructive thought behind his agenda.

It scares the living hell out of me to think what will happen if we have another McGuinty Liberal government. I believe Ontarians have been kept in the dark and lied to enough.


2 thoughts on “Liberals ‘blowing’ our money away

  1. On October 6, 2011 I will be doing my part to ensure that Dalton McGuinty’s Fiberals are not re-elected.

    We know that the provincial NDP are in complete denial regarding the issue of industrial wind turbines, as such, a vote for them is voting for the “same old same old”.

    We need to make it clear to the provincial PCs that if we give them our vote, they do need to keep their word on what Hudak has stated regarding the moratorium and the Samsung sweetheart steal…which I guess Dalton’s Fiberals are referring to it as a “deal”.

    When I asked Jeff Leal, my current MPP a few questions about industrial wind turbines, he emailed me back completely ignoring my questions, but instead asked me if I would like a nuclear plant in our riding. (At least with a nuclear plant there would be permanent jobs!)

    I will be working very diligently to be certain that Mr. Leal will be job hunting on October 7, 2011, along with a number of his current “Dalton Gang” cronies!

  2. But there will be job creation. Someone will have to pick up all the dead bird and bats from under the turbines. Oh wait that’s a vultures job. Hmmmmm seems there is a lot to compare

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