$ierra Club sacrifices Blanding’s Turtle for the wind industry

When a housing project threatened the Blanding’s Turtle in Ontario, the Sierra Club Canada  launched a huge campaign.

When a wind company applies to the government to kill, harm, harrass and destroy habitat of that same species:    Silence.   Absolute silence. 

In fact, John Bennett and the Sierra Club of Canada continue to lobby for the wind industry and support the push to override citizen and environmental concerns.

14 thoughts on “$ierra Club sacrifices Blanding’s Turtle for the wind industry

  1. Pull their funding!!!!!!!! They are NOT meeting their mandate just like the MOE

  2. Short of living in a fantasy world, most
    of these environmentalists are all too
    well aware of the ecological costs of
    these IWT sites. Has to be problematic
    to say the least for these eco-charlatans.

    • When one believes in an ideology then one has no problems accepting the collateral damage that goes along with that ideology.

    • Money, not ideology, drives the
      green movement (scam).

  3. IWTs fit into Sierra Club’s ideology and housing devlepoments don’t fit into their ideology.

    • If it were an eco-friendly housing
      development , it may fit into their

  4. If it were a housing development each house having a huge wind turbine in the back yard, then it would fit into their mission.

    I hope someday there will be some investigation just who’s running the show in the Sierra Club. I believe the “average”person who are members and who haven’t been plagued by the wind project scam in their area yet have no idea the harm this organization is causing.
    Sierra Club has had the mandate of support for wind projects for years (I found this out later); however, until wind projects were proposed for my area and I started researching the actual facts about these things I didn’t realize Sierra Clubs stand and I may have accepted what they said with only slight questioning rather than my now complete disbelief they can support these projects at such a cost to the environment.

    • Some back IWTs for money and some back IWTs because they fit into their ideology. And some for both reasons?

      Huge amounts of money are required to run NGOs and nickel and dime donations from the general public won’t support their financial operations

    • Years ago I was a supporter of Sierra Club and the David Suzuki Foundation. Now that I know better, I want my money back!

  5. Does anyone think they would stand a chance if it were polar bear habitat? Probably not! And the bears aren’t even a endangered species! But they look so cute and soft, well next to the poor little turtles that is. 😉

  6. I’ve said before. In 5 years when the turtles are near extinct our government will invest 100 million dollars into preservation paid by the taxpayer and supported by the sierra club. Wind energy company’s walk with tax credits.

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