Wikwemikong reject wind development plans on Manitoulin Island

Wikwemikong First Nation oppose the exploitation of wind farm development (126 MW) on Mnidoo Mnising (Manitoulin Island).

Statement from elder spokesperson Rosemary Wakegijig on June 7,2011 following a meeting in their community:

It is 10:40 p.m. Chief and Council took the wind farm development endeavour out of their work plan. However, we decided we will continue with the petition and also to support yours.

We gave approx. 80% of the buttons, even the Pro-WT councillor wore one. We made a powerful presence.  Even without the drum. There is still much work to be done for the whole Island issue and ours.  We want plenty of names.

The following was posted on the Wikwemikong youth facebook page.

Chief and Council of Wikwemikong agreed to stop the spin in Wiky so no windfarms in Wiky.  It was a fight and we believed in ourselves.  Next we want to support the Great Spirit Island to stop the spin.

This is democracy in action in our country represented in the Wikwemikong community where the elders and youth have come together to protect their culture and heritage. As residents of their community, they have restored the voice of the people and influenced the decision makers of their land to eepresent what the community members want.

This democracy been stripped from rural Ontario citizens through the provincial Liberals Green Energy Act. An industrial policy that is dressed up as an environmental policy. This is an act that they will certainly be held accountable for in the upcoming provincial election this October.

Here is the agenda for Thursdays Town of Northeastern Manitoulin and the Islands  meeting of the Administration & Finance Committee to be held June 9, 2011 at 7:00 p.m. In the NEMI Recreation Centre in Little Current.


4. Deputation:  Rosemary Wakegijig – Wind Turbine Development

We support the Elders and youth in their presentation to NEMI council.

Raymond Beaudry
Manitoulin Coalition For Safe Energy Alternatives

11 thoughts on “Wikwemikong reject wind development plans on Manitoulin Island

  1. Thanks for all your hard work, Raymond. Your display at the Manitoulin Trade Fair (one aisle over from Northland Power – wind promoter) was quite effective and you obviously put a lot of work into it. Best wishes to all who oppose wind power on Manitoulin !

  2. Raymond,

    The uniqueness and beauty of Manitoulin Island and the wellbeing of it’s citizens depends on people like yourself.

    Congratulations, and thanks.

  3. Way to go Wiki on Manitoulin!!! We’ll enjoy the Island for years to come. Lets save Manitoulin and all of Ontario.

  4. I would like to thank one of our youth in Wikwemikong, Ashlee Manitowabi, who worked so hard to post this info on Facebook for those of us who are not familiar with wind turbines. Your a real warrior Ashlee, not afraid to speak up and fight for our Mother the Earth. Creator will reward you in some way for standing up for her, Mother Earth. Also a big thank you to Raymond Beaudry who met with some of the Wikwemikong Band Members to do some updating on wind turbines. Good work, guys.

  5. I had emailed the band regarding the negative impacts of IWTs because the local papers seem to censor anything that tells people tha truth about them. It’s good to know they are taking a stand.
    All we need is some young Mohawk men , we could learn learn much from how things need to be handled.
    We are all “mad as hell” and not going to take it anymore.

  6. Kwe Kwe,
    I’m having difficulty understanding something. The alternatives wind/solar power generation would be nuclear, coal or building dams which are more destructive to the environment. Most definitely the wind turbines or solar panels are not nice to look at (when I travel to Kingston & look at Wolfe Island, I cringe) but when I think of the Tsunami in Japan and what happened to their nuclear power plant or 3 Mile Island in the late 70s, etc…I can’t help but think finally an alternative.
    The worst part of these large alternative developments are the involvement of the large corporations. Why isn’t the fed/provincal gov’t wanting to erect smaller wind turbines in a few back yards? One per house to benefit the individual not a bunch of fat cats who are not from these communities…

    Don’t mean to offend but capturing and utilizing what the Creator gave us is better than nuclear, coal or building dams.

  7. The point is that these alternative energy developments DON’T replace fossil fuels, coal, hydro or nuclear. So all we are doing is extending our industrial footprint into areas that should remain protected, harming human health, destroying species at risk, all to make some large corporations richer.

    There are different types of nuclear plants and modern nuclear technology is much safer and more versatile than the severely outdated technology you mention. Regardless, Wind and Solar will never be able to replace nuclear in the Province. Furthermore both 3 Mile Island and Fukushima were the result of very poor maintenance and training, especially Fukushima. Moreover building nuclear reactors on seismic fault lines is sub-optiimal.

    Hydro doesn’t have to be mega projects that dam rivers and drown countryside, run-of-river technology allows for installations which are far less environmentally damaging.

    The thing is, the Creator gave us nuclear, coal and hydro as well and the intelligence to use them wisely.

  8. Alleyne, good words. Although I believe the Creator provided the uranium, I have to believe he didn’t intend for human to use it in this capacity. Infact, the first use of uranium was to create a bomb to kill people. That should have been a sign for not using.

    I don’t know what your people’s world view is but in mine, Mohawk, we were given balance…the ability for positive/negative, right/wrong, good/bad thinking & action. This doesn’t only apply to people, it’s all around us in nature…the Creator provided us w/ medicines that will help us and his twin brother made plants that look similar but will harm us.

    So, going back to my first message, capturing the positives (sun/wind) and using them to our advantage is intelligent positive thinking. Nuclear energy is a product of negative thinking and while hydro is a good thing it is a product from negative materials.

    Finally, your right that hydro doesn’t have to be mega projects. To the east of Tyendinaga there is a blind man who is off the power grid and for the past couple decades is capturing both wind, sun and uses wood as a heating source.

  9. Curtis , you are missing the bigger picture. It’s not your fault because media spin has even taken into your childrens schools.
    First of all since 2008 our emissions have dropped 25%….economy tanked. plus people are thinking about wasteful ways.
    The media spin is to take your focus off ,,electricty for profit.
    Till now almost 11 Billion dollars or more has been spent on Alternate energy,
    So we can pay for a product that was once a publkic utility.
    These money should be going towards 100% subsidies for homeowners and business to adopt alternate energy. Instead ads are looking for places to rent to put solar on the rooftops.
    Why not when the going rate is 7 cents a kilowattt , you are being paid 84-58 cents.
    The extra cost of overpaying is not factored into my 11 Billion estimate.
    If you own a home or business you could adopt solar on your roof , geothermal for your heat/cooling,…to SAVE YOU money.
    Instead the money is going to Alternate Energy developers..
    Industrial Wind Turbines come with a set of environmental baggage.of their own.
    No energy production is Green..no such thing.
    Why invest all this money into companies making a profit when the reliablity factor cause grid issues , which then cause the need for smart meters and then need backup power generation? I moved from the city to get away from the noise , I moved to taking a pay cut to live in a rural area for a better life.
    If I live in the city I expect the noise and smells. Houses backing onto major highways are even worse, but I know what I am expecting and make that choice.to live there.
    I bought a home in the country , I didn’t buy a home there with IWTs near me because I don’t want to live near them. Just as I would not want to live beside a gas station that is open 24 hours.
    With IWTs , you wlll soon find there is no public good there , but there are profits.
    If you support the puch for alterante energy through privtaization, I think you are shooting yourself in the foot.
    You are being media hyped into thinking IWTs will save the planet are better for you and will create jobs…..globally this is absolutely False.
    I live near nuclear…it is one area , people have a choice to buikd around it or not.
    It is safe , power produced reasonably priced. and there are many jobs there.
    I would rather this than seeing 400 ft high wind turbnes everywhere I go. If I go fishing , I want to enjoy the area…and that also means no noise.
    If you talk about pollution whay are we cutting necessary things like power? There is many things you can do to cut pollution that are not necessary and pollute far less with no impact on your quality of life.
    Vacation in your province for example.
    Stop shopping everyweekend as a past time.
    Don’t use wood for you build products..forest are essential to our envirionment…trees are life for us.

  10. Ernest,
    For starters, when I built my home I took into consideration the natural elements being diminished. That is why I build my house using ICF blocks, installed five large windows facing south to capture the winter sun and an electric forced air furnace w/ a 200 amp service, in the name of saving the elements. However, its sucking up electricty and my money like a…well use your imagination. So tell me why I shouldn’t be able to profit from generating electricity on my land?

    I am not being duped by the media and have done much research into the Ontario gov’ts so called ‘green’ initiative. These ads from companies you mention cannot rent or lease roof tops based on the gov’ts contract and when these companies realized they couldn’t after having homeowner’s sign, some were left high & dry. And because not everyone could fit a 10 kW system on their roofs these companies were encouraging people to go w/ ground mounted systems, again another no no because the objective was for rooftops. Therefore the gov’t dropped the payout rate from 80.5 cents/kWh to 64 cents/kWh for ground mounted systems. Wind is a lower payout because it doesn’t rely on the sun.

    For $80K I can install a 50 panel 10kW ground mounted system (64 cents) w/ a tracking unit to follow the sun for a $1200-1500 monthly residual for the next 20 yrs. My intent is to mortgage this over 20 yrs and w/ the income pay off both the solar panels and my house mortgage. For half the money I can erect one (1) wind turbine that will produce the same. So why not electricty for profit preffably for the individual not a corporation!!

    Ernest, as an individual living in a First Nation community I cannot gain access to any of the gov’t funding to help pay for these alternatives energy sources, only Chiefs and Council’s can and ours is a little slow.

    I don’t believe IWTs will save the world, I merely believe they are a better alternative to nuclear, coal and dams. As would better public transportation be a solution for gas emissions from the multitude of cars or planes.

    As I said earlier, I would rather see smaller wind turbines in peoples yards than an island full of 400′ turbines.

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