His own policies biggest hurdle for Smitherman’s Ring of Fire bid

(You can’t make this stuff up)
By: Romina Maurino, The Canadian Press
TORONTO – The biggest hurdle former Ontario energy minister George Smitherman will face trying to secure a Ring of Fire ore processor for the northern town of Greenstone are his own energy policies, critics say.

The Municipality of Greenstone has hired Smitherman to try to convince Cliffs Natural Resources to build a chromite processor on the outskirts of Nakina and Aroland First Nation.But while the town believes Smitherman is the right go-to guy because of his contacts in government and the electricity business, New Democrat Howard Hampton said that very legacy will work against him.

“One of the big issues with the location of that smelter refinery will be the electricity cost,” said Hampton. “The minister who is probably most responsible for driving Ontario’s electricity rates through the ceiling is now being contracted to try to talk a company into ignoring those sky-high electricity rates.”

It would cost Cliffs Resources a billion more dollars over their projected 30-year period to set up shop in Ontario instead of in neighbouring Manitoba or Quebec, said Hampton.  Read entire article here

9 thoughts on “His own policies biggest hurdle for Smitherman’s Ring of Fire bid

  1. Who is the bigger tool of the day, Smitherman or Bennet of Sierra Club……..hmmmmm

    • They could both suck a golf ball through a garden hose …

    • Well they do sort of look the same….and they do sort of act the same on a political sense

  2. When Smitherman announced during the Toronto Mayoral Campaign that he was the “Father of the Green Energy Act”, I had a chuckle…..It only helped to bury his chances of becoming Mayor of Toronto….He should have kep his mouth shut…


  3. It’s a tie. Time for them to all flock together in a colony of weird Green Gurus. Can’t imagine a smelter refinery run by Industrial Wind Turbines.

  4. Glad to see Smitherman has landed on his feet. Failed as Health Minister (billion $$$$ e-health scandal). Failed at his bid for mayor of Toronto. But hey, he is going to smooth the way for Cliff Natural Resources to set up shop in the municipality of Greenstone at least that is the hope. More SweetHeart deals in the making?

  5. McGuinty is subsidizing elecricity costs for northern companies, a mine was to close up north and they kept it open by subsidizing northern electricity costs,..so add that to your taxes

  6. How is it someone who wanted to close coal generating stations and reduce carbon emissions now supports the building of something far worse. Smitherman is willing to work for anything that lines his pockets green which is no surprise to many. Guess the environment is not his concern. Why would Greenstone want him to represent them when all he has done was self-serving.

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