Industrialization of wilderness and wetland on a scale not seen in generations.

“Clean” power harm already done
By Catherine Bayne, The Windsor Star, Re: Star editorial, June 1.

This anonymous bit of flummery for the provincial Liberal government could have been written by lobbyists for the wind industry, the use of projections and theories as fact typifies the output from McGuinty and his greed energy groupies.

“He seems unaffected by the fact such a move would put as many 16,000 potential wind and solar energy jobs at risk.”

Perhaps Mr. Tim Hudak read for himself the results of studies which use welldocumented statistics from the sorry European experience with renewable energy or even did the math using actual performance data from the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) and finds those numbers a better basis for decision-making than the press releases of a government which is aiming this province at bankruptcy with its disastrous energy policy.

Leadership skills like that should indeed get him elected.

“And, if he’s truly looking for an energy source that’s effective, efficient and clean, what could fill that bill any better than wind and solar power?”

Industrial scale wind and solar are none of the above. Easily proven with minimal investigative journalism skills.

“Hudak’s desire to dismantle the Green Energy Act threatens to harm our economy and paralyze our greatest hope for diversification.”

The harm has already been done and he may just manage to restore some semblance of democracy to Ontario and begin to heal the rift between urban elites and the sadly abused rural populations upon which cities depend.

If someone doesn’t correct the misinformation that you and the pseudo-environmentalists are spreading, the planet blighters will continue to industrialize wilderness and wetland on a scale not seen in generations.

Montreal River Harbour, Ontario