Japan taking McGuinty Liberals green scheme to court

“Japan has given up direct attempts to resolve a spat over an Ontario scheme that guarantees prices for renewable energy as long as it is generated with Canadian-made equipment, Japan’s ambassador to the WTO said in a letter to the chairman of the WTO’s disputes division.”

“Japan says that an environmental scheme operated by the Ontario provincial government violates Canada’s obligations as a WTO member.”  Read the entire article here

2 thoughts on “Japan taking McGuinty Liberals green scheme to court

  1. Of course Japan brooks no competition and plays the game of stacking the deck against imported products so well that Canadian officials should study their methods.

    This is a case of a very black kettle pointing out a minor scuff on a very new pot.

    While I have no use for “windmills” — I have less use for the trade practices of Japan.

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