Economic model underlying green energy not sustainable, says Guelph economist

“The theory is that if new industries that are not competitive are subsidized they will eventually mature and be able to function on their own.   The problem with that theory is that kids never grow up and leave home.” ~Dr. Glenn Fox

By John Phair, Today’s Farmer
GUELPH – An economist at the University of Guelph says if Ontario’s experiment with green energy is similar to what’s happened in the European Union (EU), the province can look forward to higher taxes, a net loss of jobs, and little difference in terms of green house gas emissions.

Speaking at the Canadian Association of Farm Advisors’ annual conference on June 2, Dr. Glenn Fox said the economic model for Ontario’s Green Energy Act is not sustainable and has many implications for rural Ontario.  Read the entire article here

4 thoughts on “Economic model underlying green energy not sustainable, says Guelph economist

  1. Selling an overpriced low quality product that replaces nothing is sick. Considering IWTs still need addition government financial assistance as well as legislation makes it even more disgusting. Hopefully more will listen to Dr. Fox as what he is concluding is easy enough to see. We have heard the IWT program is nothing more than a convoluted ponzi scheme though it is worse. It is considered legal.

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