McGuinty Government Set To Approve Industrial Wind Turbines To Tear Up The Oak Ridges Moraine

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City of Kawartha Lakes, ON – Industrial Wind Turbines Projects are set to tear up the once protected Oak Ridges Moraine.

The Oak Ridges Moraine, a landform unique to southern Ontario, is one of Ontario’s largest moraines. It extends 160 kilometers from the Niagara Escarpment in the west to the Trent River system in the east, and is on average 13 kilometres wide. At one-hundred-and-fifty metres deep, the moraine stands out as a distinct landscape and is the “rain barrel of southern Ontario.” Rare birds and species reside in this area.

Among the precious land is Pontypool, ON, a village situated on the moraine with a spectacular view of rolling hills.These rolling hills have a history of native battles and sacred burial grounds. Home to one of two remaining grain elevators in Canada.

The Oak Ridges Moraines permeable sands and gravels absorb and collect precipitation, which slowly recharges the deep aquifers below the ground. Over five million people live on or near the moraine, relying on this drinking water. Industrial wind farm projects on the moraine are currently in the approval stage with the Ont. gov’t.

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3 thoughts on “McGuinty Government Set To Approve Industrial Wind Turbines To Tear Up The Oak Ridges Moraine

  1. Did our dear leader McGuinty not just save the Oak Ridges Moraine from the “evil” housing developers? Now only to trash the region with IWT’s. Truly amazing.

  2. McGuinty is guilty of environmental crime! Perhaps there is a tribunal at the Hague that would prosecute environmental genocide and he and his cohorts could face the fate of the likes of General Radislav Krstic or more recently the extradited General Ratko Mladic.

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