2,000 petition against wind-turbines in Haldimand-Norfolk

by Aaron Gautreau  CD 98.9FM

Local MPP Toby Barrett says it’s quite clear people in Haldimand-Norfolk don’t want wind-turbines in their backyard.   He says over two-thousand people signed a petition showing their disproval with the turbines.

People who signed the paper are concerned with health, safety and property values.  The Liberals signed a seven-billion dollar deal with Samsung in 2010 to bring more wind-turbines to Ontario.

6 thoughts on “2,000 petition against wind-turbines in Haldimand-Norfolk

  1. The number of people grows every day. At the time the petition was signed we had barely touched the tip of the iceberg. People are becoming more informed each day. We are angry at our democracy, health, environment and well being being taken away.

  2. The lose of individual liberty is very real in Ontario and a very bad direction for our province. Everyone must continue to speak out. Let your politicians and neighbors know this will not be tolerated.

  3. But, but ,but, I thought it was just a small, vocal minority.

    • [group huddle]
      Good News!
      ……we are no longer NIMBY’s

  4. “We are angry at our democracy, health, environment and well being being taken away.”
    This is why Wind Concerns was created and this is why it still exists today. The provincial government has taken it’s citizens for granted.

  5. My only nest egg for my retirement is the property I live on here in Haldimand and, at that, its a meager little house on what used to be quiet countryside . When the time comes and I need to borrow money for my retirement on the equity in my home , who is going to compensate me for the property value loss I’m guaranteed to suffer …People are already moving out in droves trying to avoid our housing market plummet, the roads around here have real estate signs popping up like crazy.. Try building those monsters in the city and see what kind of a response you get. Its constitutionally wrong if they are allowed to build them and not respond to the losses everyone else will have to suffer because of their presence . Once again corporations get an open ticket because of the government we voted in and we get our butts kicked. If I’m going to have to suffer the consequences of these wind generators in my backyard, I want “at least” to be compensated in some fashion for the losses I’m going to suffer . We were all here first . People are petitioning the drag strip and many of these people came way after the fact and almost had it closed as a result , , most of them bought there knowing about the noise. As good corporate neighbors , they offer free admission to anyone having a Cayuga address . Are any of us in the affected Haldimand area going to receive free hydro as a portion of compensation , We should, It could help property values and help “quiet” the feeling of being completely bowled over by our government and corporations like Samsung. Now we’re gonna get to go to a meeting to have them “tell us” what they are going to do, Its not asking our permission , or is it, I don’t know , I’m waiting to see….

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