John Wilkinson has thoroughly researched the wind issue

In response to this article in the Toronto Sun

4 thoughts on “John Wilkinson has thoroughly researched the wind issue

  1. This picture show how much we are paying Liberal Crony Capitalist friends for energy and the little pile shows how little energy we actually receive for that much money……

  2. Now a former Minister of Energy in the McGuinty government is objecting to his reckless energy policy.

    “Former energy minister Donna Cansfield — who once played a key role in planning Ontario’s electricity needs — is fighting a power plant to be built northwest of Sherway Gardens mall.

    The natural gas-fired power station is too close to residential areas and poses air pollution and safety risks, in the same way a similar plant planned for Oakville created concerns and was axed by Premier Dalton McGuinty’s government last October, Cansfield said.”–former-energy-minister-fights-power-plant-planned-for-mississauga

    I can’t wait until Dalton calls her a NIMBY.

  3. When the tide finally turns and the truth is acknowledged by the public, I hope these money-grubbing politicos are saught out and prosecuted to the full extent of the law. And when all the wind farms are shut down, I think one wind farm should be kept running with a ‘jail farm’ slap-dash in the middle where all the responsible ‘industrial wind turbine proponents ‘ will be incarcerated for a few years .. to feel just what they’ve foisted on other people! And while they get to feel the effects, their ill-gotten gains can be distributed to the victims of their greed in restitution. If they are allowed to get away without paying for this IWT atrocity, what will be the next government engineered atrocity and who will be its victims? The Ontario Liberals and the whole IWT industry have to eventually be held accountable. Unless it is, the future of democracy and human rights in Ontario is in serious trouble!

  4. First….they said there was NO scientific evidence that IWTs cause harm. Now…. they are saying that the scientific evidence is not TALL enough.

    Hard to argue with that brilliant Liberal logic.

    At least we know how John, Dalton, and Arlene make decisions.

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