Solar and wind power not so seductive when reality bites

By Patrick Meagher, Editor of Eastern Ontario Farmers Forum

I was offered an all expenses-paid trip to Germany in 2009 to tour the world’s leading green energy achievements. The tour included an ethanol plant with corn supplied by local farmers and a town powered by two methane digesters. The technological advances appeared endless. Germany seemed years ahead of us. Read entire article here

1 thought on “Solar and wind power not so seductive when reality bites

  1. That is a totally excellent article!! One minor error; the author compares prices paid to wind and solar power producers with retail prices paid by consumers;

    “… a consumer buying electricity pays about 6.8 cents per kW/h (regulated by the Ontario Energy Board) for usage up to 600 kW/h and 7.9 cents per kW/h after that.”

    Feed In Tariff (FIT) prices should be compared to prices paid to other producers, which are more like 3.5 cents…which means the rip-off is even greater than he suggests.

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