Wikwemikong present petition after drum ceremony

The Wikwemikong Elders and youth presented two similar petitions with a total of the two petitions was 658 names presented to  Northeastern Manitoulin and the Islands council last evening in opposition to the Northland Power UCCMM wind project Development on McLeans Mountain and any location elsewhere on Manitoulin Island.

Elder Rosemary Wakegijig did a powerful and moving presentation to NEMI Council and stands firm in their resolve to halt industrial wind turbine development on Mnidoo Minis (Manitoulin Island). She also stated she has done her own research along with others sources to come to this conclusion and stands with the other groups in walking side by side against this exploitation of Mother Earth for profit and other environmental concerns.

Furthermore she stated that the petitions are still out circulating and many more names will be added.They will be attending other meetings to express their concerns so the people can be heard. This is only the beginning she informed the council. Applause erupted as she concluded
from the representitives of Wikwemikong and other First Nation and non First Nations that were attending.

NEMI mayor Joe Chapman who is also the PC Party candidate for the Ontario October election expressed his gratitude through an embrace and thanked the Elders and youth and stated though others in council do not, he fully supports them in their opposition to industrial wind farm development on Manitoulin Island.The council did not vote on this at the meeting though
it was stated that their concerns will be addressed in the future.

Upon leaving the council chambers a Wikwemikong drum group held a healing song where the drum beat resonated throughout the building that was to resemble the heartbeat of Mother Earth. A powerful and moving ceromony.

We would like to thank the Elders and Youth for their message and their statement of walking together to raise awareness on this issue.

For MCSEA members and supporters
Raymond Beaudry

6 thoughts on “Wikwemikong present petition after drum ceremony

  1. From the Spirit Shore of Lake Superior we extend our thanks and support to the Elders and youth of Wikwemikong for their efforts to preserve the spirit of Mnidoo Mnising.

    Our thanks and support as well to Joe Chapman for standing up in opposition to industrial wind farm development on the Island and in Algoma.

  2. I pray for Manitoulin Island, it’s a magical place. I pray for us all each day.

  3. Manitoulin Island, the largest freshwater island in the world is more than special. As strong as the island appears it is also fragile. Admiration and applause to Rosemary and supporters for taking the time to get informed and speak out. Those who are from the Island have a strong bond with the island and most understand the pain industrial wind turbines cause.

  4. It’s tough breaking in to the newspapers there..anyway you think we can help??

  5. Beware McGuinty and MPP Mike Brown and the Liberal cronies who got it all wrong. You CAN NOT SUPPRESS and tramp on the DEMOCRATIC RIGHTS of the people of ONTARIO forever. People who live in rural Ontario have the right to determine what is best for their communities. In the end the people will prevail. The greedy corporations and polititians who support them will have to BACK OFF. This is the beginning of the end for the McGuinty Way. Rise up fellow NIMBY’s!

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