David Libby- Living with Wind Turbines in Ridgetown, ON

David Libby lives in the once quiet area near Ridgetown, Ontario. 50 wind turbines have since started up, and the noise from these machines is now affecting his health. No form of government will help him, nor protect him. This is the very real, and upsetting reality that is hitting rural Ontario residents over and over again, with politicians turning a blind eye so that they can continue their very destructive energy program.

13 thoughts on “David Libby- Living with Wind Turbines in Ridgetown, ON

  1. Many thanks to David for speaking up. Very clear and honest. What excuse does our government have for not listening.

  2. I met this young man last Monday, I believe him, he looks so worn out.

  3. In these the days of media coaching and spin, it is somewhat shocking to hear thoughts that are given in a simple and direct way. What David says has the ring of truth.
    It is a powerful 3 minutes.

  4. And how many more like David are there…..still asking the government and health officials for help and nothing happens. Thank you David, Danai and all others who are finding the strength to speak. You have a lot of people behind you for support and this injustice must end.

    So how ’bout it Wilkinson, McGuinty… let’s get this over with already.
    Admit to the mess your government has created and let’s get the refugees back to their homes and those who are trying to cope because they can’t leave need their homes returned back to living condition.
    A safe and healthy environment Dalton. Just like your family deserves and my family deserves.

  5. Very sad and destructive and makes you very angry at our system. This is all about milking our money and it gets transfers to the hands of already rich greedy corporations. What we are to them is a cash cow to milk us.Some of us living next to these giant white ugly fans are just collateral damage and means nothing to our supposedly elected ministries and these greedy corporations to keep us in harms way.They are very resourceful cheaters and liars and most of the population follow their lines of BS. We are few to them and supposedly quiet non threatening rural people but we are catching on to their B.S and need to convince the municipality of these lies. But also our world runs on consumerism and profit and that is what Mcquinty is betting on, watch this clip and see behind the curtains Pyramids of Waste aka The Lightbulb Conspiracy

  6. Thanks everyone for the kind words. I often sleep in my basement on the far side of my house behind 2 concrete walls. Another way to think about is: I live in Canada, what is supposed to be one of the greatest countries in the world and I have to sleep in an underground concrete bunker. It is manageable for now, but why should it be like this at all?

    My issue is minor and not really important compared to the big picture here. In the beginning I asked a few other people if they had issues. A few of them hinted there might be something wrong for them as well but wouldn’t say very much, or say nothing at all. As time goes by more people are more open with me. Maybe because they see I am in a similar situation. The amount of people I heard about is growing at an exponential rate. And some of the problems are very severe. Yet these people won’t speak out about it and they need to. They don’t have to be as public about it.

    • Not sure you understand how many people are with you.
      Tens of thousands.
      There will be a new government formed.
      There will be accountability and people will be accountable for what has happened to people like you.
      People will not accept the GEA…

  7. Yep…only those who are in the situation can really understand the predicament and injustice of losing your peaceful home and good health to a MONSTER government who puts developers and their own interests before the people.
    Should they speak up they fear an unmarketable house…their only escape. They also don’t want to be considered the neighbourhood complainer which is what developers and proponents do to people and communities. It is horrible. People have to protect their children and their assets.
    At the beginning they think if they stay quiet that some how, some way someone will fix this mess. But this has been going on for 5 years.
    Every project has a few who are vocal but a lot more who are quiet and if you live within them you hear the stories of people who try to renovate their homes adding more insulation, new windows, covering the inside of their bedrooms with anything that might stop the noise, but it doesn’t work. I’ve heard more than one story of children going to live with Gramma and elderly parents who are living with families having to be moved out to save their health. Children and elderly are a bit more vulnerable but if you’re in it long enough it doesn’t matter how healthy you are, you get sick.
    And Wilkinson and Mcguinty plod along like a couple of fat boars. Criminal…just criminal.

  8. David, like Arlene Bronzaft said, you are the “tip of the iceberg” with the majority of those affected not willing to complain. Our government doesn’t get that. They don’t want to. And having to sleep in your basement isn’t minor. You wouldn’t catch any of these politicans doing that without raising a big stink. Thanks so much for speaking out, and please keep encouraging other to do so. Dalton can’t make real people “disappear”, it’s the worst thing that he and Wilkinson have to deal with — that’s why they avoid having to meet with those affected.

  9. David,
    I want you to know how brave you are to put your voice forward and help those in your community and beyond get a “real” sense of the “human level” of serious harm caused by industrial wind complexes. Damn this government who have been warned by so many families and individuals experiencing the same harm. This torment must and will stop. A big ,thank you, to all who have committed their family time, energy, and finances to right this health, economic and social injustice.
    David we are behind you, your family and neighbours as you fight to shut off the complex around you. Hugs.

  10. Thank-you, David for your courage and integrity. You are doing the right thing in seeking to let others know what you are feeling/experiencing.

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