Former energy minister fights power plant planned for Mississauga

by Rob Ferguson, Toronto Star

Former energy minister Donna Cansfield — who once played a key role in planning Ontario’s electricity needs — is fighting a power plant to be built northwest of Sherway Gardens mall. The natural gas-fired power station is too close to residential areas and poses air pollution and safety risks, in the same way a similar plant planned for Oakville created concerns and was axed by Premier Dalton McGuinty’s government last October, Cansfield said.  Read entire article here

4 thoughts on “Former energy minister fights power plant planned for Mississauga

  1. Too bad the MPP”s don’t protect the people in rural Ontario, Carol Mitchell has done nothing for the people in Bruce County, Huron Kinloss, or any other County in that area. She does not care about her constituents, she only cares about her boss, the one and only Dalton.

  2. “While I am proud to stand by this government, I have always felt that first and foremost MPPs are responsible to their constituents,”,,,,,,,,,,,,What you say ? With this type of attitude McGuinty will kick her out of the Hypocritical Liberal Party….. If they don’t do a reverse course on the gas-fired plant like they did in Oakville …are they throwing her under the bus…..The bus that will wun over the Liberal party in October…!/pages/noliberalsca-a-fan-of-wwwnoliberalsca/183275355056175

  3. The Liberal Party is a mess. Careless planning for electrical generation.

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