McGuinty’s ‘explosion’ of green energy? Would you believe implosion

Globe and Mail

Dalton McGuinty had a dream.  The Ontario Premier imagined a vibrant green-energy industry that would help ease the transition to a post-auto-manufacturing economy.

He would do it by offering power producers premium rates for wind and solar power as long as they committed to using Ontario-made equipment and labour. By the end of next year, there would be billions of dollars worth of investment and 50,000 new jobs.  Read entire article here

8 thoughts on “McGuinty’s ‘explosion’ of green energy? Would you believe implosion

  1. mcgunity is a Liar of the worse kind .
    He has ruined many peoples lives with his industrial turbines with no remorse ,
    he actually would continue placing turbines too close to peoples homes .
    He smiles, sits down at the dinner table with his family knowing he has
    allowed turbines so close to families homes they cannot sit down at the
    dinner table anymore .
    His betrayal to his province and people calls for his immediate removal
    then he should tried for treason by the people .

  2. No really a dream…..More likely a huge Brain-Fart ……..

    McGuinty wanted a Legacy besides Lying….so he decided to create thousands and thousands of Industrial JunkYards across Ontario…

  3. I`ve often thought, nobody dislikes McGuinty more than I, however I see I have competition or at least company.And lots of it!
    I agree concernedresident, he seriously deserves to be tried for treason, misappropriation of government (taxpayers) funds, amongst many other possible charges.
    I don`t understand how any honest, respectable, person could vote for him & be able to sleep at night. But obviously some do/have.
    Must be just really gullible & or misinformed, I guess? Lefty media doesn`t help.
    There has been no doubt in my mind,since his first term actually,that he is definately the worst Ontario premier in history!
    Mike Harris is a saint, compared to the corrupt ^#@”;]{*^% McGuilty!

  4. Procuring intermittent supplies with storage ability put the cart before the horse
    Procuring more supply while demand wasn’t calling for it was putting the cart before the horse

    I’ve reflected on that and tried to empathize with the Premier to understand how he made these decisions, and I think I figured it out.
    From his perspective as a horse’s ___, moving backwards, the cart is in front

  5. “McGuinty was on to something in 2009”? Yes, he was: a ghastly scheme to reward huge corporations while hiding his real agenda, the privatization of Ontario’s electricity system and the destruction of “expensive” rural communities.
    How can the Globe and Mail fail to see what a failure this is, from a business standpoint if nothing else? And, one has only to check out the fact that several states in the U.S. have the same idea of being the “jumping off point” for green energy manufacture in North America. Not everybody’s dreams can come true: Ontario needs to wake up from this one.

  6. “The Japanese also say the inflated rates that the province is paying producers (up to 30 times normal) under the so-called feed-in tariff program are an illegal subsidy.”

    This subsidy is paid by you and I!

    October 6 cannot come fast enough.

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