Rural Ontario ready to kick McGuinty Liberals OUT

Mr. McGuinty’s lowest support levels were found in rural areaswith just 17% of those polled indicating the premier would get their vote — while Mr. Hudak boasts 45% of support in the same regions. Mr. Horwath placed second in rural areas, with 25% of voters swaying toward the NDP.

By Bradley Bouzane National Post

OTTAWA — Ontario appears poised for a changing of the guard when the next provincial election takes place, with a new poll suggesting the Progressive Conservatives have expanded their lead to unseat Premier Dalton McGuinty’s Liberals.

According to the exclusive Ipsos Reid poll, the PCs — led by Tim Hudak — have the support of 40% of decided voters, up two points from the start of the year. The Liberals, meanwhile have dropped one point in that time and currently have the support of 34% of decided Ontarians.  Read entire article here

1 thought on “Rural Ontario ready to kick McGuinty Liberals OUT

  1. VanBommel would be very lucky to see 17% in her favour. VERY lucky. That’s why why she isn’t “placing any bets” on it. Sucks to be a rural MPP who doesn’t listen to constituents. Not like she didn’t have a choice or anything….

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