(His) turbine problem is aesthetic

by Neil Reynolds, Globe and Mail

David Copperfield, the American illusionist, once made the Statue of Liberty disappear before a live audience. Ontario Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak should license this remarkable act of legerdemain and perform it before October’s provincial election. If he can make a single windmill disappear, he will prove himself a radical conservative – and a superhero of sorts, too. And only a superhero can save rural Ontario’s heritage countryside from wanton destruction. Read entire article here

9 thoughts on “(His) turbine problem is aesthetic

  1. You have to go to the source to make anything disapear
    A group of macigicians at a conference in Toronto were discussing
    a thousand and one tricks to make windmills dissappear then
    Fern Dumas walked by wearing a GOODBye McGUINTY BUTTON and everyone saw the light .SEARCH Google= ontarioscare and Goodbye McGuinty
    Fern Dumas
    Elliot Lake Inventor of the Goodbye McGuinty Button

  2. Bloomberg is a lot smarter than McGuinty……he knew well enough to back off turbines in New York harbour. McGuinty only backed off lake Ontario turbines to help Duguids opinion pole in Scarborough surley to change his mind again if he wins. Fat chance, we can see through your trickery. The 17 percent rural Ontario pole verifies this. The day of reckoning is near.

  3. I am disappointed in the completeness of the research and resulting accuracy of this story by Mr. Reynolds, especially when it is printed in the usually quite credible Globe and Mail. Please check the conclusion from the http://www.windturbinenoise2011.org/ . Wind turbine noise experts from 25 countries concluded:
    3. “The main effect of daytime wind turbine noise is annoyance. The night time effect is sleep disturbance. These may lead to stress related illness in some people. Work is required in understanding why low levels of wind turbine noise may produce affects which are greater than might be expected from their levels.

  4. We can win this battle on cost , who stands to gain..not on health issues.
    McGuinty has spent 10 Billion to help Corporations sell us electricity at high cost.
    This money could provide subsidies or no interest loans for us all to adopt alternate energy like solar or geothermal and lower our dependence to the grid.
    Homes , Businesses and Farms.
    The entire FITT is wrong….

    • Cost$ and the allocation of scarce resources are a philosophical argument without a simple right or wrong, unfortunately.

      But allowing industrial wind turbines to negatively impact people’s health is wrong, period. This is not open for debate. McGuinty’s cover-up and denial of health effects of industrial wind turbines in Ontario are beginning to be exposed. This may be what shuts the industry down.

  5. It does not seem that Neil Reynolds slept near a Wind Turbine site. His article appears to be a compendium of other articles.

    Maybe he is part of “The 50 Cent Party”. — Google it.

  6. Nothing like half an article.
    Comment on aesthetics and then use Arlene King as if she is one to hold a valid and reasonable answer to the health questions. Just so you know Neil, she wouldn’t and still won’t talk to victims. I guess being forced from your home doesn’t count as being valid. I guess all of these families are imagining things.
    Just another reporter who didn’t research health before making a dismissive comment. If he only knew.

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