Green Energy Act didn’t create jobs

By Eric Renaud, The Windsor Star

Ontario PC leader Tim Hudak pledged to end key provisions of the Ontario Green Energy Act. This is a strong statement that deserves to be applauded.

Tim Hudak’s decision will likely spark debate heading into the October election. The GEA was proposed as both an environmental policy and a job creation policy, under the Liberal government. It is misguided on both scores.

Finance Minister Dwight Duncan claims to have created 3,000 jobs but the facts are that only 27 jobs have been created. The green energy industry in Ontario depends on government subsidies for its survival and not a new source of jobs.

The funds for the subsidies have to be raised through new taxation, and the burden of higher energy prices kills more jobs than the subsidies create. This is as true for wind power as it is for greenhouse cucumbers and it doesn’t matter if the taxes are visible or are hidden in the form of feedin tariffs and artificially inflated electricity bills.

In countries like Spain and Portugal, which launched their own versions of the GEA a decade ago, the job losses are now being confirmed by independent analyses. Scotland also experienced a net job loss from wind power.

The Green Energy Act will raise electricity costs and decrease employment. Despite promising Ontario families that his expensive energy experiments and Green Energy Act would only raise rates by one per cent, Dalton McGuinty now admits in last year’s fall economic update that bills will rise by an additional 46 per cent by 2015.

The McGuinty government is out of touch and he has forgotten what it’s like for families and business to cope. A Tim Hudak government will cancel the McGuinty energy scam known as the Green Energy Act.


3 thoughts on “Green Energy Act didn’t create jobs

  1. To be sure Mr. Hudak follows through with his promise, ask him to put it in writing and have it notorized, then distribute this to all residents and taxpayers. This way, he can’t renege on his promise.

  2. Ms Dornback
    Tim Hudac is the conservative candidate, not a lying Liberal. There is absolutely no reason whatsoever, to doubt Tims sincerety. If he says that`s what he`s doing, then that is what he`ll do. History prooves it.
    On the other hand, history also prooves, that anything said by McGuinty should be considered a lie. Even when it`s in writing & witnessed by many notary public!
    Nothing, absolutely nothing whatsoever, can be beleived from the mouth of a Liberal!!!
    That`s just the way they operate.
    Win power at all cost—–Keep power at all cost…….The Lying Liberal motto!!!

  3. No…. there are a lot of jobs that have been created, that is true.
    But many are lost as well and most of the jobs created are short term,
    You have people signing land deals , running hydro lines , manufacturing blades , and of course the many jobs in the corporations, legal , engineers , architects , construction end etc… hate to say it but many jobs have been created so that these guys can sell you hydro at 84-58 cents a kilowatt when the going rate is 7.
    Why wouldn’t there be jobs’s a one sided industry , they take you get screwed

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