Residents who live near turbines tell their story at Tilbury Meeting

Today’s Farmer (excerpt)

David Libby has two wind turbines operating behind his home in the Ridgetown area.  Despite having a well-insulated house, Libby said the turbines are extremely noisy at times.

“Since the first day these turbines started operating, I have had headaches, sleeping problems and sometimes nausea,” he said.  Libby added that one area in his house where he doesn’t seem to be bothered by the noise is a room in his basement that’s surrounded concrete walls. Read entire article here

3 thoughts on “Residents who live near turbines tell their story at Tilbury Meeting

  1. This was interesting, but when we speak with people about the problems with wind turbines, I would like to be able to say. These wind turbines were 1700 feet or 1/2 mile or whatever from that person’s home. Or 1000 feet or whatever that would really help us to be able to speak with the person. Or, they will say as the wind company “we would never put them that close”. Since we have no reference point of actual distance we can’t contradict that. .

  2. David’s home is about 700 m and 1000m from the 2 nearest 2.3 MW turbines.
    Thank you for sharing your experiences David!!!!

  3. Yes that is correct. 2300 and 3300 feet.

    I know that 1000 feet separation between two turbines may be hard to believe and sound like an incorrect number but that is really the way the wind farms are designed here. There is one spot not too far away that has 5 crammed into about 40 acres. This is the way this is in Ontario, it is nuts from even an operational stand point.

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