Horizon Wind Inc. to kill hundreds of old growth white pine and sugar maple trees

The Chronicle Journal  Re: Foulds Wants to Know Who Felled Big Trees

Like Andrew Foulds, I am “both saddened and angered by the events of last weekend where a magnificent, healthy 120-year-old white pine was senselessly cut down on Lyon Boulevard.” It is true, “you cannot replace a 120-year-old tree.”

Paradoxically, Coun. Foulds voted in favour of allowing Horizon Wind Inc., to cut down hundreds of equally venerable white pine and sugar maple on city land in the Loch Lomond watershed. These, too, are trees with character, with many stories to tell, and “as a community we cannot, and must not accept this assault on an important and valuable part of our history.”

It is unfortunate that Andrew did not look beyond his own backyard for the good of our whole city when council first approved Horizon’s option to lease the Loch Lomond watershed.

Ron Lappage, Thunder Bay

6 thoughts on “Horizon Wind Inc. to kill hundreds of old growth white pine and sugar maple trees

  1. This is really sad. The horrible cutting down of magnificent trees continues for the sake of useless wind turbines that unlike trees don’t produce oxygen or take in CO2.

  2. Oh ya McGuinty….you allowed these wind companies carte blanche tear up the protected and pristine ecosystems for bull turbines. You ignore these serious issues and the fact rural Ontario is disgusted by your policies. All I hear on the news today is you will refund gotransit users the price of there ticket if they are dalayed 20 minutes. Incredible…..is this really happening???

  3. With the passing of the Green Energy and Green Economy Act (Bill 150) –
    Ontario citizens lost all of their rights; so it appears.
    And the protectors of this bill – could be deemed morally bankrupt.
    Thank you Mr. McGuinty!
    This appears to be a perfect example of an “abuse of power”.

    Some council members could very well be accused of the very same thing;
    and it could be said, some members are not morally sound
    and some members could be accused of being self serving.

    All elected officials are “in the service” of the people.

    We get our freedom from God – not government. Period.
    It’s a small point, but worth remembering – from time to time.

    Allowing the cutting down of these beautiful trees simply demonstrates that the “environmental agenda” to save the planet from destruction, is morally bankrupt.

  4. Don’t trees help the environment to cut down on carbons… This doesn’t make sense what we are doing. Chop down trees to put up wind turbines, that cost taxpayers money, do almost nothing (conservation of electric usage would do as much according to much I’ve ready); these wind turbines add to electric cost of electricity. Drive people out of their homes or cause them misery. The governments have been sold a real piece of fiction.

  5. Trees #1 in life support .alongside water .if you want to breathe.
    Why should it matter ? IWTs have never been about clean air in Ontario.
    I know it’s sold as such.
    IWTs , carbon pricing is about MONEY…..

  6. This story is a bit ridiculous. Every year thousands of acres of forest land get converted for residences, farming and the like. This will hardly effect anything. If you want to talk about trees, focus in on another industry….such as farming. Actually I just drove passed a 1000 acres woodlot that had been all chopped down for an industrial farm. 1000 acres! about 70 trees an acre, I think you get the idea.

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