Give John Bennett of the Sierra Club the welcome he deserves


Mr. John Bennett , Director Sierra Club Canada, will be attending the Adelaide Township Council meeting Monday June 20, 2011 at 8:00 pm .
Council Chambers, Municipal Building, 2340 Egremont Drive, Strathroy Map 

Please be advised that township residents are welcomed to attend and that residents will be given an opportunity to speak briefly. Also please be advised that Council’s direction is to hear the presentation, but this matter will not be debated and Council does not intend to make any decision at the meeting.

6 thoughts on “Give John Bennett of the Sierra Club the welcome he deserves

  1. Jumping on a hornets nest, Mr. Bennett. There’s a reason why we have an “emotionally charged accusatory tone”. On the other hand, your pious, sniffy attitude won’t do you any good out here.

    Why not just stay in cozy Ottawa? It isn’t even that scenic out here…but you probably won’t be bored. We’ll be there to watch your presentation on the “validity of public concerns over the potential health impacts”.

    Bennett’s letter to council:

  2. Just thinking: I think it would be interesting to know who funds the Sierra Clubs in Canada & US and all over for that matter. Since they seem to “lobby” I would think there would be something they have to provide to say where all the funding comes from. Here in the USA they just opposed ethenol subsidy — which may lower the cost of gasoline for driving.
    Yet, they are all in favor of taxpayer money going for handouts to wind companies. It would be interesting to know if there has been any investigating in this and other environmental organizations and their ” can’t get enough of wind turbines attitude”.
    Unfortunately we here in the US no longer have investigative reporting… wind companies hand in their press releases and newspapers print it not questioning what they say, but taking it as fact.

    • Google the Annual Reports for any NGO you are interested in. Then look in the section that names the financial supporters of the NGO you are interested in.

  3. I am sure the wind company will be calling the OPP to sit in. Add another hidden cost to FIT.

  4. Even wealthier than Tides..The Joyce Foundation, Obama sat on it until 2002 ,
    Richest of the Rich.
    Start up money for the Chicago Carbon Exchange came from them , one of the largest investors was Al Gore, of all people. Yes..before his movie.
    Bennett will sink the Sierra Club in Canada….because they are on the list of groups that sold us all out.

  5. I don’t see any reason for the township of Adelaide to revoke seeking a moratorium until further health studies are conducted. Just wait until after the election for the chips to fall. That is the only reason why they have to send a director down from the sideways Sierra club to persuade town councils. Sense a bit of panic?

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