IPR-GDF Suez blatantly disregards warnings of harm to wetlands

Ansar Gafur-Vice President-External Relations
IPR-GDF Suez North America

Mr. Ansar Gufar,

I recently received the attached notice that IPR-GDF Suez North America (formerly International Power Canada and formerly Aim PowerGen) is proceeding with the East St. Clair Wind Farm. I am very disappointed that the “revised [IWT] layout” does nothing to address my concerns pertaining to the potential impact of inappropriately placed Industrial Wind Turbines on migratory waterfowl. As I have indicated to you on numerous occasions, Lake St. Clair represents one of the most important waterfowl staging areas in North America and IWT #s 101, 115, 116, 117, 113, 128, 153, 108 threaten to compromise the integrity of this area for continentally significant populations of ducks geese, swans and many other species of birds.

Rather than reiterate my issues in this letter, I have attached my two previous letters to you (27 Nov, 2008 and 4 March 2010) in which I provide my concerns with your site locations (directly adjacent to Walpole Island coastal wetlands, directly adjacent to Mud Creek wetlands, on a major migratory corridor and within agricultural fields used by large populations of staging waterfowl) as well as the inadequate surveys conducted by your consultants. Also, if you compare your computer image (bottom of scanned image 111600000) with the Google image that I have attached (Mud Creek Club) you will notice that your image mysteriously omits a large triangle shaped wetland located within the Mud Creek Club and directly adjacent to several of your planned industrial wind turbines. Has this wetland been drained or did you simply choose to omit it??

As you have decided to proceed without addressing the concerns (or using any of our tundra swan satellite tracking data) that I have explicitly expressed to you over the past 2.5 years, I have taken the liberty to copy this correspondence to a number of people and organizations that I feel should be aware of  IPR-GDF Suez North America’s construction plans and my associated concerns.

I cannot make it to your “Open House” scheduled for tomorrow night (medical procedure Thu morning) but I certainly hope that it is well attended by citizens concerned with wildlife habitats associated with East Lake St. Clair.  Location: Dover Kinsmen Community Hall, 7106 St Philippe Line, Grande Pointe, Time: 5 pm to 8 pm.

I can be contacted at the address below if you would like to re-open discussions pertaining to my concerns with this development and if you would like to co-assess our Tundra Swan satellite tracking data/locations within the East St. Clair region.

Dr. Scott Petrie
Executive Director
Long Point Waterfowl
P.O. Box 160, Port Rowan, Ontario
Canada, N0E 1M0

1 thought on “IPR-GDF Suez blatantly disregards warnings of harm to wetlands

  1. “Has this wetland been drained or did you simply choose to omit it??”

    Omitted it. The local wind developer here “omitted” a school too. Called it a ‘vacant lot’, because nobody slept in it. If they don’t want to see it, they can do wonders on their mapping software.

    This project looks to be another Wolfe Island. Horrible. Unbelieveable.

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