MOE Admits They Will Not Enforce Noise Regulations

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Letter dated Sept 30, 2009 from Bill Bardswick, Director, West Central Region, MOE:

Unlike typical industrial noise sources, measurement of noise from wind turbines raises technical challenges.  Typical noise measurement protocols call for no wind during noise measurements since background wind will result in inaccurate measurements.  However in the case of wind turbines, wind must be present for them to operate.  

The current science available for measuring noise emanating from wind turbines is technically challenging, resource intensive and will still result in measurements which are difficult to reproduce and/or interpret.   

There is currently no scientifically accepted field methodology to measure wind turbine noise to determine compliance or to determine non compliance with a Certificate of Approval limits.    

They admit that they can’t accurately measure or properly monitor noise.   Why are rules based on noise levels?     Why are methods to decrease setbacks  based on noise models?     Consultants who created these rules must have known that they were creating criteria that would not be measured.  If police believed that since people drive differently in different traffic conditions they had to  somehow accommodate for that by showing how the speeder’s speed changes with traffic conditions in order to issue a speeding ticket they would never get their job done either.

The Ministry of the Environment admits they will not enforce the rules.   This statement basically absolves them of any responsibility on acting on complaints.    This incompetence amounts to criminal neglect of families who are now exhibiting health problems.  

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2 thoughts on “MOE Admits They Will Not Enforce Noise Regulations

  1. So, they claim their own dB(A) standards are unmeasurable. How convenient. Ah! But isn’t that an admission of negligence in setting such unmeasurable standards?

    How about developing some dB(C) standards that are intended for inside receptor residences? Turn off all power going into the subject residence. Then take the reading(s) inside, free of both natural wind sounds and artificial household sounds.

    Of course, that would necessitate an admission that infrasound and low frequencies do impact on health and that the experience of people within their own residences actually should concern this government.

    In my opinion, this man’s letter has simply put another nail in whatever sham of integrity this government has left in this issue.

  2. Nor will they listen to rural people with complaints. Doesn’t take a genius to understand that these people are under order from the one track minded leader. In October when new ministers are assigned to these positions the truth will come out and maybe some realistic resolution to the IWT issue. Be interesting to see what MNR will find in Windsor and Essex county with the noises and rumbling (as per yesterdays article in the Windsor Star).

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