MOE outlines the script to employees on how to deal with all the complaints

The following email was sent to several MOE employees from Michael Moroney, Executive Lead, Southwest Regional Office.  

From: Moroney,Michael (ENE)
Sent: June 13, 2011 7:56 AM
Subject: Update – Addressing Concerns from the Operation of Wind Turbines

For those of you that are speaking to residents with concerns over impacts from the operation of wind turbines, I wanted to make sure you are aware of current ministry efforts being undertaken to address these concerns.  Based upon the most recent update that I received from EAAB on May 31st , I am sharing the following key messages and commitments with you:The Ministry of the Environment (MOE) and this government are committed to seeing that renewable energy generation facilities are developed in a way that is protective of human health and the environment.
In developing setback distances for wind facilities in the REA Regulation (O.Reg.359/09), the MOE reviewed leading scientific studies from around the world to ensure that Ontario’s rules are protective of human health and the environment and are appropriate for the needs of Ontario’s communities. We also looked at how wind projects are regulated in other countries to learn from their standards and setbacks for wind turbines.
The Chief Medical Officer of Health agreed to undertake a review of existing information and to consult with the Ontario Agency for Health Protection and Promotion and local medical officers of health on health effects related to wind turbines.  The report concluded that available scientific evidence to date does not demonstrate a direct causal link between turbine noise and low frequency sound and adverse health effects.  The complete report  titled “The Potential Health Impacts of Wind Turbines” can be accessed at the following web-site:

The government has committed to establish the Ontario Research Chair in Renewable Energy Technologies and Health (ORC-RETH) to address thetechnological, health and safety aspects of renewable energy.  To meet this commitment, the Council of Ontario Universities (COU) awarded the researchchair position in February 2010 to Dr. Sivoththaman, a faculty member at the University of Waterloo,following an independent and competitive application process. The 5-year ORC program brings on board researchers with expertise from the faculties of Engineering and Applied Health Sciences and will be carried out in ten Research Themes, including clinical and epidemiological studies of health effects ofturbine noise under Theme 1 – Studieson Potential Health Risks of Wind Turbines, as outlined in greater detail on the ORC website:

The MOE  is committed to ensuring that its rules regarding wind facilities continue to reflect current science as is the case with all other environmental standards set by MOE. Accordingly, the MOE has sought expert advice from an independent consultant to review low-frequency noise impacts from wind turbines.  The Low Frequency Noise and Infrasound Associated with Wind Turbine Generator Systems report has been finalised and the ministry is currently reviewing the report and assessing next steps, including posting the report, along with the     ministry’s response to its recommendations, on the Environmental Registry for information purposes in the near future.  The MOE has also retained a consultant to develop a standardized procedure to measure audible noise from wind turbines.
The government is committed to protecting the health of residents in communities that are home to renewable energy projects.  Should new information come to light from these health and noise studies, we will review and amend wind energy requirements, as necessary, as we do for all  other environmental standards today.

16 thoughts on “MOE outlines the script to employees on how to deal with all the complaints

  1. If this government were truly ‘committed to protecting the health of residents in communities that are home to renewable energy projects’ it would stop granting approvals and stop operation of existing facilities. This is a classic example of making the rules up as they go along……to suit their agenda.

    The MOE admits it has no standardized procedure to measure audible noise from wind turbines (it has only recently retained a consultant to develop a procedure).

    Since our tax money has been used to pay for the report on low-frequency noise impacts (done by an ‘independent consultant’??), we shouldn’t need to wait for the ministry to assess the next steps, post the report and respond. Shouldn’t this information be freely accessible? What is there to cover up before making it public? How INDEPENDENT is the consultant?

  2. The Request for proposal issued by the Ministry of the Environemnt to study low frequency noise was awarded to HGC Engineering who is a member of CanWEA (Canadian Wind Energy Association) a lobby group that advocates for the wind industry.
    They also do and have done work on behalf of wind developers.
    This close alliance between CanWEA, developers, proponent engineering firms and our government has caused great problems in mitigation of problems because they keep covering each others you know whats.
    This alliance is also the main force of power that keeps this machine rolling. They all speak the same language, that being one of denial, and they support each other.
    There is no room for an “independent” in thier cause. If you are independent you are summarily called anti-wind when you expose the truth and try to get something done.
    Imagine, eco nuts created our new legislation in the form of the Green Energy and Economy Act and our government forced it through with unprecedented speed.
    A big scam from non disclosure clause to non disclosure clause….
    And Dr. King, who they all rely on so heavily, knew about the families who are sick and out of their homes before she signed her name to her famous industry supporting report, and she didn’t speak to one. Not one family. In fact she didn’t respond to their requests to meet. She should lose her license.

  3. Oh yeah, the victims of this mess don’t have 5 years to wait while a research chair that we taxpayers are funding plods along doing whatever it is he is doing.
    We asked for an independent health study. It could have been completed 2 years ago if this government would have listened and that’s when you realize just how sinister this is. Dalton will have all of his planned turbines up and running before any research is done. Scam…..
    And really, why a research chair if there aren’t any problems as they claim?
    Meanwhie more people are leaving their homes. Shame on everyone one involved at every level. These lie based, harm causing schemes always collapse. Can’t wait.

  4. Good research takes time. Five years is a short project I have been involved in research projects that ran longer. There can be some intermediate results.

    However, it is best to do the research before you embark on a path that is not easily changed. That could be one of the major issues here.

  5. Of course to fully understand the game plan you have to re-read the books of George Orwell. Start with “1984”.

    Less is more. Your rations have been increased. Big Brother watches over you.

    Nothing is everything.

  6. I have several from the MOE regarding IWT developments
    Fools that they are
    They just don’t get that it is not going away for them……we take it personally when our province is ruined…it’s like someone hurting your child…. you put yourself in the line of fire because it is the right thing to do.and you ..just do it and damn the consequences

  7. What I do know about the study group — at least so far — is that they do not respond to correspondence.

    Perhaps they will do their work in “Splendid Isolation”. It’s been tried before.

    Perhaps part of their work is come up with new ways to not see what needs to be seen — and heard. That would indeed take some cleverness to achieve.

  8. Any person that would come to me to participate in research that the government has procured would be kindly told to leave my premises.
    I don’t know anyone who will trust this McGuinty Liberal government. They have abused people far too long and we have lost all faith. Who will trust a government who so boldly lies when it comes to harming people?
    To research the issue they have to talk to people in wind farms who obviously no longer trust them. They also have to talk to people who are under gag clauses and non-disclosure due to contracts from turbine leases which isn’t going to happen. So who does that leave? Happy vacant landowners who aren’t having problems. That’s about it.
    This is a waste of taxpayers money and a phony attempt to appease the concerned. If this was sincere and they were really concerned they would not have a 5 year window or at least they would turn off the problem so people could go home while their research was being done.

  9. M:

    Just answer the blinkin’ question. Were you nice to them? Quit being evasive….

    ROTFLMAO — so hard I can barely breathe!

  10. This same leaseholder also told me that this website attracts “mentally unstable people”. So, y’all reading this! You’ve been diagnosed!

  11. MA, thought about this as I was walking the dog, so if we oppose turbines we are mentally unstable? I don’t know anyone with turbines or solar panels that isn’t doing it for the cash. First time I’ve heard greed and the love of money is the sign of a stable mind. 1334 WM of wind is producing 255MW windies can turn on their fridges

    • But….signing away rights to your land for the next 20+ years and allowing 3 massive industrial wind turbines just a short distance directly behind your own home is a “sane” thing to do?

  12. That just about says it all. We all started on this journey being very nice, very patient and giving our best thoughts that the government was going to listen to our concerns, going to help those hurting but as time went on it became clear that they are purposefully hurting families because they have signed big contracts and are in way over their bloated little heads.
    And thats when the frustration, deep hurt and the anger sets it.
    Were you NICE to them? YES…I was until I realized they cared more about the developer than the residents. That the developer always wins even if it means the resident has to abandon their home. They were NOT NICE to me. They were NOT NICE to my family. The strength and courage of the families that are still trying to cope, that aren’t off the rails screaming amazes me. Those people are my heros you ignorant leaseholder. You have no idea what these families have been through.
    Mentally unstable is anyone who supports this kind of systemic abuse from a once democratic government. You, ignorant leaseholder, are the one who is mentally unstable and you’re cold as ice.

  13. The damage done by leaseholders who refuse to acknowledge that their neighbours may be adversely efffected by their wind turbine money grab and by the wind industry is disgusting and they don’t care. It’s all about them.

    The leaseholders who signed before realizing the consequences of signing and who are now sorry they’ve done so, keep coming forward. My hope is that soon some of them will speak publicly although we know the wind industry has a gag clause in most contracts. The mouthpieces for them, ie; leaseholders determined to make some money at any expense to anyone continue to spout the same old product promotion as the wind company open houses, OSEA, CanWEA and other industry lobby groups.

    The most pathetic thing of all is that these ever so righteous and thick skulled people will have to experience the problems for themselves or watch one of their family members or friends go through the hell so many have already gone through to even begin to think that their actions might have consequences other than putting a few bucks in their pocket.

    I saw one sign posted on a fence recently saying:

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