Ontario inspectors don’t have technology to measure wind turbine sound, leaked e-mail complains

by Don Butler, Ottawa Citizen

OTTAWA — An agency of Ontario’s Ministry of the Environment approved two large wind farms in 2009 even though it knew the ministry couldn’t enforce noise limits set out in the approvals, says a leaked internal e-mail.

The June 2009 e-mail, released Wednesday by an anti-wind-power group, was written by a provincial officer in the ministry’s Guelph district office. It deals with complaints by residents living near two wind projects with a total of 133 turbines in the townships of Amaranth and Melancthon, near Shelburne.

The ministry officer, identified only as G.W.T., wrote that the “most pressing and immediate” issue was that the ministry’s Environmental Assessment and Approvals Branch (EAAB) had issued certificates of approval for the turbines that included noise emission compliance limits.  Read the entire article here