Oops. Liberals afraid of losing another urban seat

Mississauga gas-fired plant to get another environmental review
by San Grewal, Toronto Star
With opposition mounting against a controversial gas-fired power plant recently green-lighted on the Mississauga-Etobicoke border, provincial Environment Minister John Wilkinson says he will review an earlier decision to approve the project.  The ministry issued a certificate of approval to Eastern Power for the 280-megawatt project in 2008. The company just received a building permit from the City of Mississauga, but Wilkinson says things have changed.  Read the entire article here

9 thoughts on “Oops. Liberals afraid of losing another urban seat

  1. Does that not sound like a line from a tv sitcom. How pathetic Wilkinson. How fast they moved on this one. Perfect storm brewing in rural Ontario

  2. Well, I guess we’ve always known it, but it is yet again confirmed that the rural folks are second class citizens. Our urban neighbours complain and they get listened to. First in regards to the off-shore wind turbines and now with the gas-fired power plant.

    We country bumpkins just cannot seem to get any respect from Dalton or Johnny. We bring up umpteen reasons as to why IWT’s should be halted and are told we are NIMBY’s, as in Not In My Back Yard. But when it is NIMBY, as in Next It Might be Yours, WELL, that is cause for ALARM and the situation must be REVIEWED as the situation has CHANGED…..

    Is it October 6th yet?

  3. Wilkinson Said:

    “What we’ll do is to take a look at the decision we made based on the facts that we had at the time, and look at the facts that are different,” Wilkinson told the Etobicoke Guardian Wednesday.

    The thing that has really changed is the fact that we have people living in buildings and they’re quite a bit taller than anything that was there before.”

    Ah yes — people living in buildings — unlike their rural cousins who inhabit caves and burrows and the like…

    What I like about Wilkinson is that his words can always give you a chuckle — unintended I think — but still…

  4. Before we start voting against the Libs we should examine where all 3 of these parties stand on these issues.

    Since when does the Conservative Party dodge a big buck from public projects?

    Since when does the NDP ever criticize the Sierra Club and its big-time corporate mentality?

    Problems to consider.

    Voting against one will only allow another one to take its place. Let’s get ahead of the game for once.

    Victor Fletcher / Toronto Street News / Fergus Century Farm family member

    • Victor:

      Does that mean you will be voting for me? I better get registered.

      You and others have pointed out that it is a dilemma. Unfortunately there are few obvious solutions that will work in this shortened time-frame.

      I hope you are enjoying the GreenPeace/IPCC scandal re renewable energy. Talk about a conspiracy…

    • Victor, I’m asking you for the second time:
      Who’s your best of a bad lot? (besides David Robinson)

  5. Is it people living in tall buildings having to look down on this NG plant. If this is the case then they have admitted that viewscape is important. So how is this different than looking on these giant, fans on stick the rural bumpkins must face everyday. Elitism at it’s best.

  6. I gave them a week and it took four days…..It is not Friday but the hijinks in Vancouver and the Weiner farce gave McGuinty enough cover to look after Donna Cansfield. Now there might be more than one rural Liberal MPPs asking “What do I have to do to get a break?” Not with political ads, apparently. (Hey, Rick Johnson, your boss is hanging you out to dry!)

    Curious that McGuinty energy reversals are not ones that upset this green buddies at the Sierra Club.

  7. The best of a bad lot?

    Damned if I know.

    Do you mean I have to choose one?
    Here’s a story on my front page of Toronto Street News — an old customer of mine who I detest. Was he the best of a bad lot?

    Bob Rae-Levine:: Confirm of Deny::
    Bob Rae-Levine’s scandalous past.
    My old graphics & typesetting business had Rae-Levine as a customer.
    As was Jack Layton, and Ontario’s premier Bill Davis.
    Rae-Levine has already had to acknowledge and try to defray this as he has read it before in previous Toronto Street News issues which this time will be on the front page. He made a feeble attempt to deny some of the facts in the bi-election of 2008 by denying he has a Maoist-brother-in-law. Of course, poor Gary Perly had died by then. I knew them both at the time. Here goes::
    Ontario Premier Rae-Levine tried to sell Ontario Hydro to Enron with the help of Maurice Strong (known to him since childhood as “uncle Mo”). 
    Brother-in-law Gary Perly helped smuggle Chinese into Canada (1970s) — how do I know? Because he tried to hire me to do this. In 2008 when Rae-Levine ran in Toronto Centre (Rosedale) by-election he had to say that he does not have a Maoist brother-in-law.
    However, he DID have a Maoist brother-in-law — it’s just that poor Gary died in the meantime.
    Perly (Perly Maps), always in poor health helped smuggle Chinese agents (not refugees) into Canada with the apparent aid of Maurice Strong’s Chinese Communist connections. In a biographical video of Strong we see him placing a rose on his aunt’s mausoleum in China. She was an acquaintance of Chairman Mao himself. 
    The toronto Star ran a story in the 1990s on what a great businessman Gary Perly was because he got the rights for the Perly map company to do the maps for Peking China. The Star of course, never told the rest of the story.
    As premier of Ontario Rae-Levine went to foreign U.S. bankers to get the single largest loan in their history at the time $5 billion when Ontario went into serious debt. Why didn’t he use a Canadian bank? What commission is paid by New York bankers for hauling in an application for that with the safest bet in the world – the Ontario government???
    His wife, Arlene Perly Rae displayed what I consider 2 incidents of racism — once for an Italian union printer to whom I gave a printing job to announce the birth-announcement of their first-born. She said she would get journalist Dale Goldhawk to do an expose of him simply because he was one day late. Why would he be considered a criminal? Because he was Italian? Then, she charged a black woman in our building $700 for a telephone call when she wanted tax help on her day-care business. 
    Proper lawyers don’t keep a woman on the blower for 2 hours crying and give no substantial advice or do they?
    Rae-Levine is the likely name for Bob as his grandfather tailor in Lithuania came over to Glasgow, knocked up Maude Rae a union activist, then when they didn’t get married escaped to Canada where they never did get married.
    So, the family adopted grand-mom’s name “Rae’. When I refer to Rae-Levine I am personally confronted by zionists for revealing the proper name only because they “know” it is an open secret to pretend to foist Rae as a “regular” Canadian instead of the international agent he really is.
    Is the wife the second-in-command at the Canadian Jewish Congress. Another item that is kept suppressed.
    CBC’s nightly zionist Power and Politics program with Solomon favours Rae-Levine to increase his profile. Solomon just spent time talking to Rae-Levine again and then in a following interview asked Lib President Apps why Rae-Levine can’t be the permanent leader of the LIbs?
    Ex-Canadian patriate in Tokyo — Ben Fluffed, former Asian bureau chief for Forbes Magazine for many years told me that he was horribly bullied by Rae-Levine’s brother in Mexico when his father was deputy ambassador there and Rae-Levine was the full-ambassador.
    Anyway, it goes on ands on.
    And Rae-Levine infiltrated CSIS when they brought out propaganda in the 1990s that there was a nazi-dining hall in Toronto where flags were on the walls and only preferred people were allowed to sit at table while the others were required to stand at attention.
    The truth? It was a beat-up rooming house (Edmund Burke Society) with a small kitchen at rear with the host sitting beside the beer fridge leaving room for only 2 or 3 to sit at table and the rest of  them had to stand in the tiny space.
    After 25 trips to Sri Lanka in the last couple of years it is interesting that the Sri Lankan embassy banned him from further visits. According to the Wayne Madsen Report Israel was involved in selling arms to both sides in that civil war. Israel supplied figher jet pilots to kill Tamils.
    We wonder why Rae-Levine is banned from that country today.

    Enough for a book.

    I won’t bother you with any further doings of Rae-Levine at this time.

    Talk later.

    =- Victor Fletcher / Toronto Street New

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