Province holding ratepayers in contempt over green energy charge

Ontario Ratepayer

John Spears, Toronto Star

The Ontario government is holding electricity ratepayers in contempt as its lawyers stall a challenge to a $53.7 million green energy charge imposed last year, says the lawyer for a consumer group.

Robert Warren, lawyer for the Consumers Council of Canada, levied the accusation in a stiffly worded letter to the Ontario Energy Board. The consumers council has complained to the board that the green energy levy imposed on hydro bills last year is unconstitutional.  Read the entire article here

1 thought on “Province holding ratepayers in contempt over green energy charge

  1. Japan is taking Canada to the WTO over McGuinty’s GEA. The Consumer Council of Canada is taking the Ontario government to court of the unconstitutionality of the green energy charges. Ontario citizens are taking the government to court to protect their health and homes. McGuinty is twisting this entire province into a knot with this insane energy policy.

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