I guess tattooing IS a green job after all?

McGuinty government boasts on their job creation program
Ontario is helping Eikon Device Inc., a Kingston based art equipment manufacturer, create 10 (ten) new jobs! With support from the province, Eikon is expanding its facility. The company developed special digital technology that helps tattoo artists to better monitor their equipment. This has changed industry standards and positioned Eikon as a global leader.

Does anyone feel pity for this silly girl?

10 thoughts on “I guess tattooing IS a green job after all?

  1. I hope tht’s just magic marker on her arm….ugh.

    Maybe this is the kind of job McGuinty and his MPP’s want when they need a new one this fall. Apparently you don’t need much talent to draw a wind turbine for some green sucker.

    • Probably a condition of Eikon’s
      loan/grant that they had to find
      some patsy that would want a
      turbine tattoo.

  2. This is like, sooooo freaking kool, it’s like utterly amazing.

  3. There goes another 22 jobs lost in the real economy – based on the Spanish study which found 2.2 jobs were lost for every subsidized government job.

  4. Let’s just hope they made her sign a gag order. Only an air head would agree to that!

  5. tax payers $$$$$ hard at work.. is there a “green” way to remove them or is that why we have OHIP???

  6. Are they including the two full time positions at Wolfe island pickimg up dead owls, bats and falcons.

  7. That would be a scary tattoo to wake up to the next morning. What did I do last night?!!! Is this the new insignia for Sierra Club?

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